Kara is for the most part very docile. I knew before chosing a corgi that they will try to herd kids and such. What is the correct way to discourage this? The last 2 days she has actually backed the kisd into a corner barking and "play" biting. I know you aren't supposed to crate them as a punishment but it was all I could think of to get her to chill out a bit. She was so wound up and looking for a "fight". I don't want the little ones to be afraid of her and I certainly don't want anyone to get hurt, Today when I picked her up from going after the 3 year old she growled and snapped at me. I honestly couldn't tell if she was rough housing or actually mad. (She growl ferociously at her toys too) The kids are very gentle with her and I never leave them alone with her unsupervised. I think their hardest thing is remembering to walk away calmly. Any suggestions?

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Kara is treating the kids as her "peers" and interacting with them as she would other dogs. Growling, chasing, snapping are all typical expressions of a dog. This is part of what we need to learn to control. The running and squealing normal of playing children serves to create an excitement level in dogs. My suggestion would be to first find an obedience class and start working on appropriate manners for Kara. This will help both you and her to learn the appropriate behavior desired from dogs and how to control it. I would also make time and increase her exercise....expecially the controlled portion of her exercise. Include several walks during her day. When walking it is best for dogs to have specific parameters....they are not allow to pull, sniff unless given permission to do so, should not be on a flexi-lead and should perform a few sits/stays along the way. This should help lessen the drive to chase the children a bit. When the children are active (which all children are) I would have Kara on lead and tied to you so you can redirect the behavior. In no way should she be allowed to display this behavior as I can assure you it will intensify in time. Corgi pups can be a challenging lot. What helps them be a good companion is good exercise, good training and showing them what is and what is not acceptable in your home. Good luck.
Thanks Sam. I did notice the times she was being more snappy were the days that I had to work, which is not that often, and she had been in her crate for the night, then for 2 4 hour stretches while I was at work, DH came hoem and took her out to play during his lunch. She gets her rabies vaccine next week, then she can join obedience class. I will try some structured walks with her. Thank you again for your advice!


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