Hey everyone! I'm starting Grover in beginner obedience next week and I want to make sure we're on the right track. Grover didn't go to puppy classes, for a variety of reasons, it just didn't ever work out. So he'll be 5 months in 2 weeks and we're just diving right in. He knows sit and he can walk on a leash fairly well. Do you think we'll be behind? I ask at the place and they said no. But I'm worried because we've only ever trained Grover to a leash with a harness and the classes require that you use a collar. Another question, they mentioned that they sometimes recommend that you use a pinch collar for training. Is this okay? What have your experiences been with this? I feel if-y about it, but it seems that a lot of trainers recommend it? Thoughts?

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Um..i think you should consider finding another trainer. most trainers i have met dont require certain tools like collars or pinch collars, they work with what u have. Scout has a harness and does just fine. he tugged a lot so i was considering getting one of the no tug harnesses, but he has adjusted quite well to it. i still might get one though so i never have to worry about it. is the pinch collar the same thing as a choke chain? i find those a little scary plus i think corgis are manageable enough were one isnt needed.
also, grover isnt behind at all! there are people in my class that are like...2 years old? and coming to classes.
Where are you getting your training done at?

He should be fine going into beginner's training - usually those trainings are for dogs that know nothing at all, so you should be set.
It is never too late to take your dog to class, so it doesn't matter, puppy class is very basic. A collar gives the handler more control comparing to a harness, the pinch collar like they say is only recommended sometimes, it is NOT a choke chain, the prongs mimic the corrective"neck bite" like the mama dogs do, to correct and discipline the pups. Go ahead with the normal collar for now.
You should be fine with beginner training. When we adopted Bruce at age 11 we took him to beginner class!

The trainer we worked with at PetSmart was against choke or pinch collars and wanted us to use a regular collar. Many trainers believe the dogs don't learn with a harness, and in our experience we've found this to be true...but that's just our dogs.

The trainer we have now is also anti-harness, and she will recommend the type of collar after working with your dog over a week or two to see what kind of collar the dog requires. In our classes we go the range of regular, Martindale (partial choke, what SIdney uses), full choke or pinch. Sidney did not respond with a regular collar so we moved up to the Martindale. It works really well for him, since it will tighten but will not choke.
I think Grover will do great. When I started with my lab, she didn't even know "sit". Never did either for that matter. LOL. She was an obedience school drop out! Corgi's are small enough that even size wise he should blend in perfectly. There are usually some older rescue dogs and such that start out in puppy obedience classes as well. I signed Kara up today for puppy preschool, then a month later she will start basic obedience training. Good luck and have fun. He'll do great.
I always recommend that a person go and watch a training session prior to comitting. I would advise against any trainer that "requires" a specific collar other than a plain one. While there are many uses for different sorts of training collars the ultimate goal is to have ones dog work on a plain collar. It would be a rare corgi that I would recommend using a prong collar on. Remember these collars are only as good or as bad as the hands they are in. I am not a fan of harnesses unless a particular breed has breathing issues or a very sensitive neck. Best of luck with your training. Remember "YOU" are the final decision maker for your dog. If you are uncomfortable with an exercise they are trying to teach dont do it. There are some great intructors out there and others are less then acceptable.
Pinch collar is another name for a prong collar.
Okay, so the place I'm going is a boarding/ training center. They also sell food and have doggy daycare. It was recommended by a lady that lives in my neighborhood and has SUPER well behaved boxer. She totally loves her dog (like, he is pretty much her life) so I trust her. I've been there a few times to get his food and everyone is really nice there and it looks like a nice boarding place and a nice daycare.
Second, I think I might have misspoke. What they showed me was a prong collar not necessarily a pinch collar (I didn't realize there was a difference). But the first person I spoke to there, who I think was the owner, told me that the prong collar was something they might suggest, but when I acted ify about it, she said it wasn't required by any means.
So I think it should be okay. I actually put Grover on a collar today for his evening walk and he did remarkably well. MUCH less pulling than he does with the harness...so maybe I've been on the wrong track myself.
Thanks for the reassurance guys! I'll really protective of Grover and I want to be sure I'm doing everything right! He's super smart though, so I'm sure he'll be the star of his class!! I'm a biased though!
No worries. Mei is worse and she went to several classes....but that's my fault. =)

I honestly don't think you need a pinch collar. Every trainer I went to, whether bad or good (I had 3) NEVER forced us to use it. I'm not an expert on training, but I don't believe its necessary. A regular collar works fine as long as Grover doesn't pull. I used to take Mei to class on a harness and gentle leader. The gentle leader worked better for Mei because she's a big puller and jumper, which made the harness useless. It's al based on Grover's personality and your preference.

Good luck with the training!
I don't think you're behind at all to start basic classes at 5 months. Grover may be the youngest pup in the class.

As far as collars, Grover is young enough to learn how to walk nicely with a regular collar and it sounds like you're already doing well. Trainers may recommend any type of training collar from pinch (pinch and prong are the same), choke, gentle leader, etc. and should be suggested based on the individual dog. These "crutches" can be used for problem pullers, but the dog ultimately should be weaned off them back over to a standard collar. I doubt you are going to have to worry about it since Grover is still quite young.

You are going to have a great time together in classes. Enjoy! Grover will do great. : - )
harnesses do induce pulling as they are made for dogs that pull, but the harnesses that attach to the front of the dog, i found to be very effective. of course none of this matters because we did manage to teach scout on a regular harness and if he does tug i tug back once or twice and he will slow down. I am sure training would have been much easier with a front one. He actually hates his collar for walking. he will just stop and give me this look like what??? why????. so yeah. :D

thanks for the clarification sam! i didnt know there were such things as pinch collars and choke collars and etc. so much variety!
Okay, Cindi the PetSmart Trainer here..........................I would NEVER EVER train on a choke or pinch collar.........EVER! If this is their training method run screaming in the opposite direction. Then find a positive method trainer. Contact your local PetSmart or PetCo. But PLEASE, and I'm not to proud to beg, DON'T use a pinch on that dog!


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