Have you heard of Mini Corgi's? Where can I find out more information on this variant? My little Ginger is fully grown and only 17lbs. I adopted her so I don't know her history. One of my co-workers today was telling me that he thought there was a specific variant called Mini Corgi. Have you ever heard of that?

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I agree with Debbie. "mini" is like "teacup" in toy breeds. its not one that a reputable breeder breeds for. any breeder will try to breed as best as they can to breed standards. but like debbie says, sometimes, its just nature, and i am sure that ginger makes a great pet!
A wonderful thread has been going on regarding this subject. Fact is there is no mini corgi. Yes, some are of a smaller size but this is not a trait reputable breeders wish to achieve. I did a little homework myself and searched the net for "mini corgis" Not one of the sites that offered them for sale followed the usual protocol for ethical breeding practices. So if it is a mini corgi you are desiring you can know that you will be dealing with a for profit breeder and not a breeder that is dedicated to breeding quality dogs.
Wow! Thanks for all the helpful info guys!
What we see as mini-corgis are a fault in the breed. In the South we call them "racey corgis." They're small, low to the ground, lean and very active. Our Maddie is a racey. (You can see a pic of her on my page.) Breeders don't breed for that. But, dang they're cute!


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