So yesterday morning Jake had a pretty solid poop. Then I get home from work take him out and he didnt go. I come in the house and go in another room and when I come out there is diarrhea all over the house!! Now right away I think something is wrong because he is house broken and NEVER goes in the house. So I clean up, take him out and he has 2 more bowel movements on our walk. I thought maybe he just had an upset stomach. So he ate fine and went to bed. Well this morning we wake up to diarrhea in his crate!! now this is unheard of! We havent changed his food or done anything out of the normal. and he has recently been dewormed. Other than the poop he seems himself.What could this be?? Please help I cant clean up any more poop!!!

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Sometimes diarrhea can occur after a worming. Unfortunately we all know too well when the urge is there we have little control. Neither do dogs. I certainly would put him on a diet of cooked chicken and rice for a few days. If he improves slowly start adding back his regular food. If it does not improve may be time to call your vet. Clean up is never fun but part of owning a dog.
I started the chicken and rice this morning. Well see how that goes.
Definitely use the pumpkin too. The fiber will stop the runniness of diarrhea. it is probably the advers reaction to teh worming. I know how you feel. scout had diarrhea for 4 days after he got his last booster shots.
Well yesterday ended worse than it started. The diarrhea continued. And the vomiting started. He was to the point where he was throwing up constantly and was hardly able to stand up. We took him to the Vet and they were worried he had Parvo. Thank god he does not!! They sent him home with some fluids and an antibiotic. He seems a little better today but ill be sure to keep you all posted. Thanks for all the tips!
Well my goodness. My heart goes out to you and Jake. Hopefully he'll be feeling better soon. Keep us posted.
Thanks for all the wishes. He is feeling much better!! Almost back to normal. No vomit or poop since last night. He is going to be on the medicine for a while. But its good to know he just has a bug!!
Glad he's better. Ein got VERY sick last year vomiting non stop for a day and a half and I think it was some kind of doggy virus. The neighbors dog got it a month later and died from dehydration. I made sure Ein did drink water and after the first day gave him a Dramamine which slowed it down until he was able to sleep thankfully. Your dog may have had a similar flu or ate something funny. Who knows. At least he's ok now. And I think if they get bad diarrhea you can give them Immodium. Just for future reference. :)
poor baby! lola got really sick saturday night, but it seems to have cleared up... must be something in the air... garsh :(
I have an 8-week old puppy and discovered that she had Coccidia, which can sometimes cause that. She also had tonsilitis, and was put on Clovomax, which could have caused it too. Our vet ran numerous tests and found nothing wrong. We started giving her rice and ID puppy food, which is easy on the stomach. Wish I had a more clear cut answer but we never really did find out the cause!


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