Mocha is the Jedi master in the house, his force is strong and not a whole lot of things in life can rattle him. His only nemesis is the Darth "blender".

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Me going "vvvvrrrt".
The air spray that you use to clean out keyboards and stuff like that. They go BANANAS when we use that stuff, it is crazy!! Of course the vaccuum cleaner, like every other corgi I guess. Sometimes I have to put them away when I do it because Madison will actually grab the wheel s and pull it to the side!
Bella despises the dryer(for clothing). If i turn it on, she refuses to go in the laundry room.. It is a new dryer so not loud it all, and the room stays the same temperature for the most part. It just freaks her way out!
Corey goes nuts with windshield wipers! Holly hates the vacuum cleaner especially my Dyson.
The printer. XD We just found this one out last night.
Roxi used to as well lol now she just watches the paper come out and sniffs every page! which is funny unless its something important.. like a RESUME.. oye...
Jasper goes bonkers for my laser pointer. Even when we're done playing, he spends th e next 15 mi ns looking for it. It cracks me up!!!
Brodie goes nuts for the laser pointer as well. He will try to climb the wall to get it.
Lance just barks at the laser pointer. I just bought one yesterday hoping he would have fun chasing it and he just barked! I ignored the barking and then he just went and laid down! Oh well so much for having fun with the laser pointer. : ( He might have liked it when he was younger.
chloe chases those like a cat would. now that shes gotten older everytime she hears anything that sounds like you are pushing the button, from pens to nail clippers, she starts getting excited and looking for it. i've always called it her dot, so whenever she hears that word she starts looking for it.
she goes nuts over a lot of things though. she hates trash bags, the vaccuum, she attacks my broom even if im not using it so i have to lock her up to sweep, she hates flying bugs and rain. if i have to take her out in the rain she wont go potty unless i stand out there with her and when she comes in she waits for me to dry her off and if i dont get a towel for her she will try to use whatever blanket or clothing she can find until i give her a towel
Flies! Henry is so stressed by flies he has actually worked himself into a seizure over them. He's better now that the other dog is around, but he still thinks they're evil.


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