Mocha is the Jedi master in the house, his force is strong and not a whole lot of things in life can rattle him. His only nemesis is the Darth "blender".

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Koa is terrified of a large stuffed moose that I have...I started placing it in the kitchen when I needed to feed the cat,in front of the garbage at night ,anywhere I did'nt want him to go near. I started to feel bad for him and then a light bulb went of over my head. We live on acreage and I did'nt want him to leave the property so I placed the moose in random spots around our yard, constantly changing positions...hehehe. Talk about an invisable fence!
That's so funny!

Ein loves leaves. I am so excited about that fall is here so I can build him a big leaf pile to play in.
Fox has a thing for chairs with wheels on. (Office chairs, etc.) He will just not leave them alone! Rattle one, sit down in it or push it away and he's onto it like butter on bread.

Rover, our year and a half old male corgi, has a thing for toilet rolls, somehow. He sneaks into the bathroom's when no one's around like a ninja and eats them up! Can be a nice change of pace and a surprise when you really gotta go and find a pile of shredded paper on the floor!
We just discovered that Tuesday absolutely goes insane whenever the Star Chaser cat toy gets brought out. Poor guy tries to pick up the whole thing in his mouth by the ball and growls while he waddles around with it. His victory dance when he stops the ball from rolling anymore is probably one of the cutest things I've ever seen.
AJ goes completely over the moon when there is a frog swimming in the pool. She will bark RELENTLESSLY!! JR herds the Polaris - loves for it to climb the side walls of the pool.
Bella absolutely hates the patio umbrella...if the wind blows and it moves slightly...she goes nuts and barks at it! Any large object that she hasn't seen before, she'll run away and bark at it, especially if we're carrying it :-)
She also freaks out when she sees a door close by itself...she can't understand it.
haha...funny girl
Yuki my oldest Corgi goes absolutly crazy over water, all we have to do is say, "You want the bad water?" and she goes nuts. You have to shut her out of the bathroom when you take a shower otherwise she'll stand there barking and trying to bite the water the whole time. She also attacks you when you're doing dishes because she wants the sink sprayer. Ellie is funny because she doesn't really react to anything normal like the door or the vacuum, she freaks out when she realizes something's been moved from one room to another. It can be days since something was moved and then she'll finally notice it and barks everytime she sees it for a few days. They're mad as rabbits but I love em!
We have a similar issue with the dreaded coffee grinder...Lola now starts her attack run into the kitchen as soon as she magically hears the scoop of the coffee beans in the morning
Michelle, Bella, Elizabeth & Temple, you guys have given me a much-needed laugh today! Thank you!
Anytime...laughter is the best! (and it's free!)
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