Mocha is the Jedi master in the house, his force is strong and not a whole lot of things in life can rattle him. His only nemesis is the Darth "blender".

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Two words, cat or bird. Heaven help us if she sees one then she bounces as she barks.
I cannot say the words "cat" or "kitty" without Gonzo going crazy, barking and on guard.

He also hates the vacuum. But what dog doesn't?? He's terrified of it, and if I'm the person vacuuming he doesn't know what to do because he always comes to me when he's scared.

He likes to chase birds out of the backyard too.

And then there's the laser. Ah, the glorious red dot that cannot be caught. If I can't get him to come inside, I just say "LASER!" and he runs inside to the counter where we keep it.
Two words - Door Bell
even ones on tv
LOL, my phone's "alert" when I get a text message is a doorbell...sets the dogs off every time! Good thing I don't get many text messages.
Adora's is an empty water dish, she goes bonkers when it is empty. She barks (which is very unusualy for her) and she trys to dig to china at a mile a minute, jumps back lunges forward turns around and does all sorts of stuff. We call it the water dance. she acts like she is going to die if she doesn't dig out some water from the metal dish lol. Now we fill it 3 times a day so that it is never empty becuase she get very upset with us and the dish lol.
Speaking of a water "dance" have you guys seen the Kibble Dance from Cute Overload?
its so weird but spikes hate when i brush or straighten my hair...hell sit there n bark at me when do them in the morning.
My corgi, Rocky, loses his cool over the red laser pointer dot. If he hears the chain on it rattle (laser pointer is a keychain) he starts watching the floor with anticipation, like an addict. Sometimes he shakes with excitement. You can always see the butt "bump" wagging.

But when the red dot hits the floor, he's off. Rocky will chase it until he is so tired he walks after it. When he's all tired out, he will just actively watch the pointer move around.
Hannah gets very excited when I change the trash can liner for some reason. When I shake the new bag to put it in the trash can she barks and carries on like you wouldn't believe. She hides from the vaccuum. I usually try to put her outside on my patio before I start vaccuuming it upsets her so much.


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