How can it be so hard to find a breeder that is willing to engage in conversions? I started emailing breeders with an interductery letter, with some information and a few questions, I have only recieved one reply that was not neither turse, or bashing me for using the word "operation" in reference to there set up. I didn't think that it would be so hard to just talk to people. One even said that any breeder that would place a corgi with other big dogs would be irresponsible! Does any one have any adivse on the process or a english to breeder dictionary? i am feeling pretty beet up right now. Gotta run! Thanks Juel

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I don't know if this would help at all. But my breeder Celeste WANTS her customers to ask questions and talk with her. Try sneaking a peek around her site. I'm not trying to boast about her, or get her customers. I just know that she is nothing like the breeders you have had to deal with. Be sure to read her FAQs page. Good luck.
Thanks for the reply! i guess I just need to work on my communication skills!
No, like Sam said, it's the breeder. They have a lot to deal with with new litters popping up all the time. Its stressful and tiring, and they just don't know how to or want to deal with other people.

I know, its strange considering that people are the reason for them doing what they do. Don't take it personally.
Gosh, if they have new litters popping up all the time I would be wary. True corgi fanciers do not breed to supply the pet world but to maintain or enhance their breeding program. Patience also plays a big part of finding just the right pup. I waited over a year for my last pup but I knew the pedigree I was interested in and was willing to wait.
*nods* Those are the backyard breeders that are no better then puppymills. I waited so many years to find a good breeder.
Well, breeding puppy for a living is no easy task, it is defintely a full time job and sometimes it can make you coo coo as well, don't take it personally, move on and find another one that you're comfortable with.

Here are 2 threads that may help you: First & Second
Thanks to both of you and Fuzzybutt, And Karen!
Don't get discouraged! You might get a more personable answer if you called them on the phone before sending an e-mail? Plus, its easier to ignore someone or be mean over e-mail than over the phone or in person. Try it! However, I can understand why breeders would be mad if you called their set up an "operation" - that word might have just set him/her off into a not-so-good mood and that just ruins the relationship off the bat. But they don't know you didn't mean it in a negative way, and that's not your fault!

And I don't think its irresponsbile to place a corgi with a big dog. Corgis are, themselves, (at least i think) big dogs in small bodies!

good luck!
I've contacted bailey's breeder and she had retired Bailey mom, I guess you could say they broke the mold when they made him LOL
Oh yes, this can be a difficult situation. I suspect perhaps some of the questions you are asking may be indicative of one that hasnt done a good bit of research first. May also be the breeders you are selecting just happen to not be the most friendly sort. I know many breeders that would place pups in homes that have a large breed dog if it was well cared for, well socialized and well trained. Yes, folks may be taking offense to the term "operation" as to many that would indicate them to be perceived as a production breeder. True fanciers would not like to be considered in the same class. Let us know what area you are in and perhaps we can give some recommendations. You may also wish to share the questions you are asking....this may help enlighten us as to whay you are receiveing such a response.
This was the email that I had put together:

Hello, my name is Juel Moore and I am looking to find a breeder. I am looking for a red and white Maybe sable. I am not particular about gender but more interested in personailty. I want to try for next spring, My job becomes a little erratic till about november. I dispatch for fire, police and medical out of Fortuna CA.
I moved away from my family a little over a year ago and am looking for a companion to keep me company. A friend who likes to cuddle and go on trips, whether to the store, beach or camping trips, My Boyfriend and I rent part of a house with a friend and her two little boys, there is seventeen acres with horses, a stream, a pond, cats and two other dogs. I have been researching the corgi breed for some time and believe that we would both fit well with eachother. I have had German sheperds crosses in the past and currently my boyfriend has a pure German shepard puppy will be one in august.
If you could please provide information on your breeding operation, How many dams and sires you have, what facility you have, how you socialize them, how many litters a year you have? do you have pictures of your parents or past litters? what sort of health certification do they come with? could I come meet you face to face and meet the breeding pairs? and also what you are charging for your pups. I know that my home is a distance away, how ever I am very interested in bringing home a little love bug. Thank you for your time! Juel Moore 707-845-0546

also the G.S. is very socialized, he has grown up around kids, older dogs, cats, horses, he minds well although is easily excited, he has a little bit of leash issues (loves to pull) but that is my cross to work with. I have been working with him and have started to curb the jump up greeting. he still tend to try to hold your arm in greeting but that will be soon to leave with more training. If I have anything to do with it! Thanks for all your help! Also there is a planned comformation, and agility conference at the end of june. I have fullintentions in going how ever I don't know if there will be any corgi's in attendance. Thank you for your time!
Dang. My breeder was SO nice. Even though I was only 18 when I got Winston, she was nice and didn't treat me like a little kid just trying to get a puppy. We e-mailed several times before I got Winston and when I came to her house she was very nice and even had a collar and leash and toy for Winston! I'm not sure where you live but I got Winston from Zanesville, Ohio. Her website is


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