This discussion / review is for Sweet Opal in Redlands, CA for the Southern California area.

website: Sweet Opal Puppies

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Jennifer R.
Redlands, CA

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In my quest to get my Spartacus, I contacted over 5 to 6 breeders in Southern California, and found that I like Jennifer from Sweet Opal the best!

All her corgis are beautiful, well behaved, and have great temperaments! And it shows in Spartacus! He is not agressive at all, he is very loving, gentle, and playful. The environment in which the puppies were raised in was very clean, well protected, and well cared for. She's located in Redlands, CA on this huge and gorgeous property that allows her corgis to run around in. She is very knowledgeable about the breed, and answered all the questions I had. She still is available for me to contact her anytime if i have any questions or concerns.

She made "finding Spartacus and bringing him home" a very enjoyable experience for me.
My Lexi came from Sweer Opal. Jennifer is great and the dogs have nice lines.
I've been out to Sweet Opal. We had gone out to adopt Foxy, a female who would not be having any more litters. This was before we got Sidney.

Poor Foxy has flystruck ears and she had it out for my corgi mix Bruce, even drew blood. We were able to return Foxy the next day, and Jennifer was very apologetic. We were not looking for a puppy at the time, but the ones she had sure did tempt me. They were so cute!

I thought the area they kept the adult corgis in looked rundown and neglected, but the pups were in a nice area. I also wondered how Foxy's ears got to be so bad. But the corgis I met were very friendly and seemed like happy dogs!

It sure gets hot in Redlands, so if you drive out there, brace yourself. Whoo!


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