I have a problem and need advice from you guys. My mom adopted a small corgi (15lbs) about a month ago from our local Humane Society named Lucy. She has been good in all areas except when she is around my 2 year old niece. Today she growled and bared her teeth at the baby for no reason at all (she has been jealous of her since my mom brought her home.) Because Lucy's attitude changes the minute the baby comes in to the house mom does not allow them to be alone. She tolerates my 2 dogs just by ignoring them and my 2 ignore her for the most part. We don't know much about her background except that she was an owner surrender and that person was her 4th home. She cowers if you hold her leash in your hand and is terrified of any lous noise or a crowd of people. It's obvious that she has been abused but she is a loving little girl and jumps in your lap the minute you sit down. We have always had very docile, friendly well rounded corgis so I am at a loss about this. Is there anything we can do to work with the dog or should we find her another home without kids?

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No doubt this is a prime example of fear aggression. Understand that being abused may have nothing to do with this situation. Some dogs are born with fears in their genetic make up. Some dogs are not socialized at the very important time of their lives. She is showing classic fearful behaviors and would probably do best not to be in the company of a 2 yr. old until she settles in and becomes more comfortable with her surroundings. Forcing her to be around something that scares her this much will probably only make the situation worse. Growling and baring her teeth is the only way she knows how to communicate to try to keep a child away. Perhaps if she could be gated in a room where she can hear and smell the baby without having to be "with" her this may bring her a better comfort level. Agreed that finding a behaviorist would make good sense. Sounds like this little gal has many issues. Bless her heart, hope you are able to bring her to a confident level in life.


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