I need help!
It's so difficult to house train my pup. I thought she was getting better, but now things are just getting worse. During the day Bella stays outside in our garden. But during the night we bring her inside the house. When it's bed time, we bring her little bed into our bedroom, and she sleeps there. But now she is always peeing on our carpet, and then pooing on the tiles in our living room during the night. I think she is getting too used to this idea, and I'm getting worried. I have tried taking her outside after she eats & plays to reward her when she does her business on the grass. But this doesn't seem to be helping. What else can I do?

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By staying outside she may eliminate there but only because that is her only option. By not having her in with you she is not learning how to ask to go outside. Perhaps closing your bedroom door at night will stop her from roaming and doing her business. May be best to crate her in your room at night. She looks very young to be house trained. It takes a long time. It also takes lots of interaction from you. Routine outings and praise when she goes. Lots of supervision so you learn her elimination habits. Go to my page, I wrote a long article about potty training.
Thanks I actually read your article after I already posted this. It was very informative. I hope I can get it right, but she is still very young...and I guess it just takes time.
The most important thing in training is consistency. You have to be consistent with your approach to everything you do with your Corgi. If you feed your Corgi the same food at the same time--she will have to "go" at the same time every day. Once you find out how long it takes between eating and "going," and notice the other signs that she has to go, you can preempt her and take her outside. Corgi's thrive on praise and positive reinforcement. Verbally praise her when she "goes" outside, and reward her with a treat. Verbally scold her when (but only while) she "goes" inside, then immediately pick her up and take her outside. With these techniques, our Molly was housebroken within a few days (she was 3-4 months when we got her--see the picture).


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