I've been feeding my dog Canidae for a while now, but I keep hearing about Wellness a lot here. Has anyone tried both and found the other to be better? Are the differences significant?

Faye is almost done with her first bag of Canidae and I was just wondering what is hands-down the best food to feed an overweight Pembroke. Thanks in advance!

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There really isn't a single brand that can be guaranteed as "good pet food" forever, pet food companies change ingredients, management, suppliers through time, so it can be good now, but it may not be tomorrow, that's why it's important to keep up with the recalls. Kinda like us human with the latest tomato scare :)
My senior (and somewhat overweight) dog is on Canidae platinum, and the puppy is on Wellness Puppy (because that's what his breeder had him on). They each are doing very well on their respective foods. I don't know about how Wellness does for the overweight issue, but Canidae platinum is great for it! He has really slimmed down, he seems happier and he has no poo issues.


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