I love my dog so much, but everytime I pet him, I have to wash my hands because he smells so bad! I give him a bath and I wash him several times with large amounts of soap, but he still seems to smell after that! Does anyone know of any good shampoos? do you think It might just be all of his hair? because he also sheds a lot.

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I'm not sure shedding has much to do with smell, all corgis are shedding champions ;) We use this wipe on Bryson at home after he goes out daily. He does smell fresher after wiping, and we particularly noticed the difference when we're on a trip recently when we forgot the wipe. But we also have a friend with a corgi who doesn't get wiped but always smell fresh like a daisy :) I guess corgis are like people, some with stronger BO than others :P
It could be a couple different things. It may be food related (others can tell you more about this than I can), sometimes dogs start to stink as they age (our labrador did this around the age of 9), or she could have a skin infection. Is this something new? Has she always shed a lot? I noticed that my puppy was starting to stink. Then he started to shed ALOT; all of a sudden. Finally, he developed severe dandruff. Turns out he has a bacterial skin infection. These are just a few ideas I have. There are certainly other reasons why he may stink.
I'm sorry, I just realized that your dog is a male. My apologies for my typo.
thank you! I'll try to use some wipes! :]
Corgis usually do not have an odor. I suspect that it would be a good idea to visit your vet. An odor is indicative that something is amiss.
We decided we should have named her Frita, since she always smells like corn chips. I did notice it's not her coat that smells, it really her feet! We wash her feet and she no longer smells...at least for a couple of days.


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