I know that you are all thinking not another Cardi. and Pem. thread!
I have read the other threads and have a basic Idea but I have a question. How did you know which was right for you? How can you determine which breed might be better for your personality and life style?. I have read the discussions about the comparission. but does anyone have any advice or experience they would like to share. Thanks in advance!

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Do you know of a pem and cardi breeder currently with pups that you could visit. If you are able to visit with both before you actually purchase, that may help you make up your mind. Good Luck....I dont think you could go wrong with either one :)
It was simple.... the pems (most,anyway) had no tails! And that appealed to me.
My biggest piece of advice is to first consider in what you want in a dog. Are you very social, plan to be in the company of other dogs frequently, like to experience new things? My next suggestion is to try to make a plan to spend some time with each breed or communicate with experienced breeders of each breed. See which characteristics are most appealing to you. Lastly do know that cardigans are not quite as easy to obtain as they are not bred as frequently. Both breeds are great, much depends which breed is most appealing to you.
Thank you all for your imput! I am fortunate to live in an area where there is a cardigan breeder and a Pem. breeder less than 20 mins.away from me! how spoiled! I get to go visit the cardigan breeder on monday afternoon! Bring on the puppy breath!
It's not a corgi, but this is how I decided that my breed, the borzoi, would be best for me:

I just looked at my personality. I'm very quiet most of the time, serious as well, but really outgoing with people I know and love. I also don't like hyper dogs that yap all the time and jump up constantly on guests. I love laid back dogs who enjoy a good pet and a cuddle and are very relaxed in a home setting but ready for adventure once outside, and not dog who constantly bugs for attention. I started reading about a lot of dog breeds a few years back and suddenly came to the conclusion that a borzoi would be perfect for me! I made the right decision. Vladimir, my borzoi, is everything I wanted in a dog and more! Even as a puppy he was very stress free and easy going. With him it's put food and water down and just add love!

Cardis and Pems are very similar but very different. I would say that most pems are very outgoing, playful, are constantly on the go, a bit hyper, and are ready for anything! The cardi that I had a few months ago was very laid back, loved to cuddle, and just wanted to be at your side constantly without the hyperness and chaos! I think for both breeds it's constantly party time but for pems it's just more turned on! My twin has a pem and she's wanting to get a cardigan! Good luck, whatever you chose, it'll be a wonderful addition to the family! :-)


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