I applied Bio Spot on Dexter last night and a minute after applying it when we were on our way out the door for a walk he started running around the house rubbing his head and sides on the floor and carpets as if he knew it was there and was trying to rub it off (he acted this way a little when I tried the Gentle Leader on him).
During the walk he continued to rub on the carpet, sidewalk, and grass (had a little diarrea from the stress)...
I am a little worried about him... he still ate and drank so it didn't affect his appetite. But he seemed to mope a little all evening. In order to keep him from running around the house I kept him in his pen and he just layed there, moping. His late evening walk was not any better (though he didn't have diarrea anylonger)

This morning he seems to be better... still rubbing a little but happy to go out for his morning walk.

Should I bath him to take the Bio Spot off?... Has anyone else had this reaction from their dogs? I think I need to place him on some sort of flea treatment because he has been scratching a lot.

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I would remove the Bio Spot. I have tried it in the past and while I didnt have a bad reaction I didnt find it very effective. I also greatly disliked the greasy feel it left for several days. Some dogs just happen to have a higher sensitivity to certain external applications. I think I would find a different flea preventative.
I know what you mean about the greasy feel... there is even a visable greasy spot. I will wash it off and look for an alternative.
Thanks for the reply... testing the product is a great idea.
If you have not washed it off, then I would shampoo and rinse, rinse, rinse (do not use flea shampoo). BioSpot, like most OTC flea products, uses Permethrins as the active ingredient. The prescription flea medicines, while more expensive, have active ingredients which are more stable and much less toxic to the animal.

Not to scare you, but many years ago I bought an OTC permethrin flea product for my cats. One cat suffered permanent nervous system damage because of one dose. Again that's not to scare you, as cats are much more sensitive than most dogs. But I learned the hard way that the OTC products are not safe. The prescription products are well worth the extra bucks.
A lot of the over the counter products (mostly Hartz) tend to burn the skin. This might have been why the frantic rubbing occurred. There is even a warning on most of those products that says it can cause neurological damage. But the company gets away with causing severe seizures in animals because they have that warning. Doesn't seem right does it?

I agree, go with a Rx. Advantage has been known not to have any ill side effects and is well tolerated by both cats and dogs. Frontline is another good one, but there have been some listed side effects.
Chloe has never experienced any side effects with Frontline Plus. I think its a great product. Would recommend it to anybody!
Yeah, I know its just as good as advantage but there ARE listed side effects. Whether your dogs gets them or not that just depends.
I have never heard of side effects either.
That is why they say no KNOWN side effects. If there is one it is not severe enough to notice.
Remember that Advanticks (Advantix?) uses a different insecticide that is toxic to cats.
We've used both on the dogs with no apparent ill effects.
I would not let small children pet my dogs for about a week after application.
The proper procedure is wash him first, beginning from the face and neck, so that the fleas will not jump into his ears or neck. proceed to the rest of the body, make sure you get between the pads and inside of the legs, soak him for 8-10 minutes, then rinse.

After he's dry, then apply frontline.

The inching and scratching could be from fleas, also the new smell from bio spot or shampoo will prompt him for face dive to the grass and carpet, most corgis do that after a bath :)


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