I applied Bio Spot on Dexter last night and a minute after applying it when we were on our way out the door for a walk he started running around the house rubbing his head and sides on the floor and carpets as if he knew it was there and was trying to rub it off (he acted this way a little when I tried the Gentle Leader on him).
During the walk he continued to rub on the carpet, sidewalk, and grass (had a little diarrea from the stress)...
I am a little worried about him... he still ate and drank so it didn't affect his appetite. But he seemed to mope a little all evening. In order to keep him from running around the house I kept him in his pen and he just layed there, moping. His late evening walk was not any better (though he didn't have diarrea anylonger)

This morning he seems to be better... still rubbing a little but happy to go out for his morning walk.

Should I bath him to take the Bio Spot off?... Has anyone else had this reaction from their dogs? I think I need to place him on some sort of flea treatment because he has been scratching a lot.

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Arent you supposed to not get your dog wet for 2 days before applying frontline and 2 days after? Thats what our vet told us.
"FRONTLINE Brand Products remain effective for 30 days, even if a pet swims or is bathed. After application, keep the dog or cat from getting wet until the application area appears dry, usually 24 hours. If a FRONTLINE Brand Product is to be applied after a bath, make sure the pet is completely dry before application." Straight from the frontline website.
Hm.. Our vet told us wait two days.
I tried BioSpot once and will never use it again. The dogs were obviously uncomfortable and it did NOT work anyway!

We used Advantage with no trouble, then moved to Frontline Plus (for the ticks, since we plan on more nature hikes) and also have had no trouble. Plus, they actually WORK! Hallelujah!
Thanks everyone. Now I feel a little guilty for not immediately doing something... I did check to see if the area was red and since it wasn't and he was eating okay... I thought Dexter was being a little dramatic (he did that with his gentle leader, which I have since stopped using).
I didn't know that some of these products could be harmful or uncomfortable for him. When I get home I will definitely give him a bath from head to tail... hopefully he isn't too uncomfortable in the meantime.

Thanks again! (by the way, this is such a great site for just this type of information sharing... among other things!)
I've never tried Frontline or Bio Spot, but I got a sample of the Advantage Multi from my vet. I put it on Dax and the next morning he had vomited twice in his kennel and again that night. He also wasn't quite as playful or energetic as usual, i could just tell he didnt feel well, and he wouldnt really eat much. In fact, ever since then, he hasn't been eating as much as he used to. I called the vet and they said it was probably "just a coincidence" that I had put it on him the night before he got sick, but I dont believe that. I also found fleas on him after that (which was supposed to be treated by the advantage). Needless to say, I won't be using it on him again. wherever you look you'll find people who swear by a certain brand, and people who won't touch that same brand(like me. I've read nothing but good posts about advantage so far, but I'll never use it again). You'll just have to find one that works for you and your dog.
If Dax accidently licked some of the solution off something that came in contact with his back (bedding, crate, pillow), that would explain the vomiting. Also fleas do not die on contact with advantage, it takes 18 hours. The reason why you saw fleas is because it actually worked. Advantage make fleas hyperexcited, drawing them to the top of the haircoat before dying.

It is true that the topical solutions are dangerous and it's very toxic to cats.
I was going to mention that. But then thought that I've already been too much of a pain in the ass for everyone.
Noooo. We were just having a good talk about flea medication. :)
Nah, we're only human, with emotions and bias, sometime we let those things take over ourselves and cloud our judgement, topical solutions are really dangerous and should be the last resort, remember that you skin absorb things into your bloodstream, so it is the same thing for our furry friends. You wouldn't lick yourself, sleep or breathe after a spray of deet mosquito spray, even though it may not be toxic enough to kill you, but it'll definitely make you sick and vomit. Most people fail to read and follow the instructions and expect an immediate response from the drugs. Fleas have it's own life cycle, it is hard to get rid of them at the right time, it usually takes about 2-3 weeks to completely get rid of the eggs, larvae, kiddy fleas and adult fleas. I've been through it and certainly can relate to the frustration :)
I thought of that but theres no possible way he could have licked it (unless he pulled an "exorcist" on me and spun his head around. Heh). I also took his bed out that night just for that reason. The advantage was supposed to be a heartworm (and other worm) preventative and kill fleas. Which was supposed to last a month like other heartworm medicines do. It was actually about 2 weeks later that I found the fleas on him, so I dunno. I just know I dont want to make him feel like that again. :(
he he he, I know what you mean :) You're correct, the advantage multi is suppose to take care of everything, I say the same thing because my dogs are on oral sentinel, but it really has to do with the season (spring) and the area that you live in, several members here in FL or visited FL recently have been battling fleas as well, so it is not you. Adult fleas have a tendency to be in grassy area and sometimes it can be transmitted by other dogs, so with the weather changing, an egg just so happen to hatch, then you got the "perfect storm" :) I don't like the topical solutions period, but it was the last resort along with bombing my entire home :(


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