I applied Bio Spot on Dexter last night and a minute after applying it when we were on our way out the door for a walk he started running around the house rubbing his head and sides on the floor and carpets as if he knew it was there and was trying to rub it off (he acted this way a little when I tried the Gentle Leader on him).
During the walk he continued to rub on the carpet, sidewalk, and grass (had a little diarrea from the stress)...
I am a little worried about him... he still ate and drank so it didn't affect his appetite. But he seemed to mope a little all evening. In order to keep him from running around the house I kept him in his pen and he just layed there, moping. His late evening walk was not any better (though he didn't have diarrea anylonger)

This morning he seems to be better... still rubbing a little but happy to go out for his morning walk.

Should I bath him to take the Bio Spot off?... Has anyone else had this reaction from their dogs? I think I need to place him on some sort of flea treatment because he has been scratching a lot.

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Thank you for the insight, Bonny. That was very interesting!
This was an interesting thread....looks like I'll be staying away from Bio Spot. I pretty much trust my vet to supply me with good pest medications and I'm not sure if I would rely on OTC stuff for this kind of thing. She gave us Frontline. Can't be sure how effective it is- we've only had Vash for a little over a month. However, we did run into a problem with pest control meds with my cat Dexter. He suffers from some kind of allergic reaction, and gets frequent infections in his ears that manifest as itchy, yucky brown gloop. It's not ear mites, thank goodness (he is an indoor cat). The first few times, my old vet prescribed some cream to put in his ears (this was real fun to administer...my cat HATES his ears being messed with). It would work, but the infection would return a few months later. Eventually the vet prescribed some kind of pest/flea medication to put on the back of his neck inbetween the shoulder blades (I can't remember atm what it was, I think it was Frontline?). It worked GREAT the first time we used it. By the following day the brown mush was gone and he was no longer scratching at his delicate ears. It even kept the allergy away longer, months longer than the cream. But, as always, it did come back, and we tried the meds again. This time though, it was AWEFUL. The next day Dexter had a horrible bloody pussy chemical burn on the spot where I applied the meds. All the hair was gone too. I rushed him to the vet- they had never seen anything like it before. I felt soooooo bad- I kept thinking 'omg- did I just kill my cat?!' I had to use another medication to treat this wound, and he had to wear a collar (poor cat...he musta hated me for a bit back then lol). I called the company that made the medicine to report the side effect. They apologized and sent me a refund...but man, that scared the crap outta me. I still have nightmares about it....my poor Dexter walking around like a rotting zombie full of sores...so I guess...maybe trusting the vet 100% isn't good either... ><; All animals react differently, so you're taking a chance no matter what. :(

Eek. Long post. Sorry!
Some of those "over the counter" flea products can cause reactions and ever a slight overdose. I wouldnt recommend using that product again and instead using an Advantage/Frontline product from your vet. Flea products are dosed by weight so watch when you buy some next time.


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