Hi all,

This morning on GoCorgi, there is a link to a craigslist ad where a guy is giving away a "breeding pair" of Corgis. I'm trying to help out to get these two dogs into the safe hands of a rescue group.

I have called Faery Tails Corgi Rescue (St. Louis) and spoken with a woman who is also trying to help.

The post on GoCorgi is also an offer to go pick up the dogs if anyone in rescue will take them. She will help, but doesn't need to own two more dogs.

If there are members here in the Arkansas area who might also be able to lend a hand, or maybe even volunteer as a temporary foster home, please see this link to the ad and email contact info of the person who posted.


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Hey Charlie, did you contact Linda Moore? She might be able to help, her group Pets Second Chance does cover part of Arkansas area.
Thanks Sam. Since I'm in Texas about the only way I know how to help is make phone calls. I found the number on their website, so I'll give them a ring as well.


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