Hi, I had a few questions about my corgi. She has become aggressive towards larger dogs lately. We are not sure where this comes from. Additionally we are getting her spayed next week. Will this reduce the aggressive behavior? Could it be a hormonal issue? Thanks for the help.

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Does Lucy regularly play with larger dogs and now is aggressive? Has she attended puppy classes? Is she on a leash, or off leash? Does she attend a dog park, play group, or play with other friends dogs? Has she been socialized with other dogs since being a pup?

If not, then this would be a good time to start a training class with her (after the spay). This could help her develop social skills in the presence of a trainer. If she's normally very social with other dogs and this is a sudden onset, my first reaction would be to preclude a medical reason by going to the vet. Then seeking the help of a referred trainer that could help you work with Lucy.
Your corgi sounds a little like mine. She is now 5 months old and I'd say within the last 6 weeks she has become aggressive in the way you describe. I started her in obedience class when she was about 12 weeks old and she initially never had a problem with the other dogs. By the end of the class she was more aggressive and now barks at every dog she sees when out on walks. After a not so good visit to the vet he suggested an in home trainer which I have just started with. I am hoping for good results. Also she was spayed a week ago and her housetraining has taken a turn for the worse. I don't know if the two are related but I hope not for your sake. : )
The spaying may or may not help. Observing her and seeing what is triggering the aggression may be helpful to you. If she is coming into season this would certainly cause her to act this way to dogs that become too "personal" Consider your level of socialization up to now as well as the personality of the other dogs she comes in contact with. A dog training class may be most beneficial to you as the dogs are in a controlled environment.
Our female is 2 years old and was at the breeders until we got her 5 months ago. She does not bark and is fearful of the outside world but getting better all the time. This said we assumed she got along well with dogs since she was with lots of dogs for most of her life. We spent 2 weeks in April with my parents and she loved their PWC and liked the long walks on the beach with all the other dogs. She was on lease and most were off leash. She was fine, sniffing and greeting the other dogs. Was not thrilled about the humans that were around though. Even went to a corgi round up in a local park and was thrilled to visit with the other dogs. Though she did not get along with a couple of the other female corgis. But then we were traveling in June and walking her at a local dog park and she did not like the larger mostly Labs and puppies running up to her and she would show her teeth or growl. So she knows how to let larger dogs to keep away. These dogs may not have been socialized or she just did not like they coming so close. So with strange dogs if they are off leash I tell people I do not know how she will react and they usually remove their dogs. She has done this with other large dogs, sometimes just lifting her lip and showing teeth. She did this with my sister 1 year old border collie and luckily he backed down and we did not have a fight. One minute she is telling him to back off and then the next she wants to play with him. Was a little confusing for him. She was asserting herself as the alpha with him. I think this can be a female thing. My mother says the female corgis that she know are dominant and bossy. I am going to do an obedience class this fall and hoping to get her more calm and social.
Thanks so much for the input. Lucy is doing so well after her surgery yesterday, and I am hopeful that with training and more exposure to other dogs she will become less aggressive.


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