A couple of weeks ago I used the furminator on Rambo and i got a lot out, he wasn't shedding a lot but now there's dog hair everywhere, especially his neck fur its really thinned out he looks so weird when i run my hand through his fur clumps of hair comes out... is he just shedding for the summer or should i take medical action

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As long as he doesnt have any bald spots or irritated skin he is probably just blowing his coat which is normal for corgis. Generally the process starts at the hind end of the dog and works forward. Mine always start losing the hair around their hind area first.
It does sound like he is blowing his coat. I think Rambo and Charlie are about the same age (13 months) and Charlie blew his coat last month for the first time since I've owned him. He's back to "normal shedding" now that's easily managed with shedding blade and fine toothed comb. His coat has never looked extremely thin though. The Furminator is a sharp clipper blade on a convenient handle. If it is held at the wrong angle or pressed too deep on the coat, it can cut and thin the coat, so that is a possibility. Since you haven't used it in a couple weeks though, I'd say Rambo is just in a normal "blowing" cycle.


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