one of my corgis goes absolutely crazyyy for the water! when we turn the hose on outside she goes wild! she jumps and bites and growls at the stream of water...then if any of our other corgis go near here she bites and growls at them to get them away. then when the water is gone she runs around the puddles and bites at the ground and tares up the grass where the water was! its the funniest thing to watch!!

has anyone else seen anything like this??

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Lots of corgis are "turned on" by the water. Some behave the same with vacuum cleaners, weed whackers, kids on bikes or other fast moving or noisy objects. When the excitement level reaches a peak sometimes displaced aggression occurs. You may find it helpful to teach her to "stop" the game on command. This will allow you to control the level of her excitement as well as the reactions to the other dogs. May I also suggest that you play this game with her alone. The time is likely to come that one of the dogs may just fight back.
Oh, yes. Steve is the same way with water. He LOVES it and does the same thing as yours with the water hose. I won't water my plants in the backyard unless Steve is inside the house or it's bath-day and he can get as dirty/muddy as he wants. Luckily Turtle is not as fond with the water hose.
Tiki and Cruise absolutely love the much so that the moment we let themin the yard he sits by the sprinkler, and she, the smarter of the two, sits by the faucet handle with her nose on it as if to say "if I only had opposable thumbs I could turn this thing on myself".
At my house we like to attack the shallow waves on the beach in the same manner. Flailing around biting at the water, you would swear he was rabid.
Butter loves playing with the hose. He will come to get me in the afternoon and I pretend that I think he wants to pee. Then he walks around to the back of the house and keeps watching to see if I follow him. Then he walks up to the hose and waits to play. He jumps at the streams of water and tries to chomp the water. We try all the settings on the hose. His favourite is jet. HE loves this game. He gets really excited thougth and sometimes tried to bite the water coming right out of the hose. I have to be careful and remember to hold it high so he won't accidentally bite my hand. This and swimming is his favourite thing to do.
Ein is the same way, though only when the hose is spraying. It's fun taking him into a car wash, lol. He tries to get the water from inside the car. He actually has his very own sprinkler to play in - though right now we can't use it because our county is in a drought level 4.


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