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I was wanting to get a corgi for a long time. But I could not find a breeder in Florida. I found rescue groups and mixes. No one really had what I wanted. Then my mom came across Celeste's site.

I spent many hours searching through the site. Till I finally decided to contact Celeste. She was very fast in her response and was more then willing to answer any questions I had for her. Even when I thought that my questions were dumb she assured me that they weren't. Her only request is that people read through her site carefully.

All her dogs male/female are AKC CKC (except Angel who is only CKC) registered, and she has been checked out by the AKC.
Celeste breeds for quality COMPANION corgis. NOT show dogs. Though her corgis do come from showing backgrounds they are not shown. Some might have been shown in the past but no longer compete.
Celeste is absolutely wonderful! She keeps u so up to date on your puppy as they grow and is always willing to be very helpful with any questions u may have!
I've been satisfied with Celeste thus far. She does a terrific job in keeping you up to date with your baby and everything else the Celestial customers has said. I feel comfortable asking her questions about Corgi's and probably will be asking more once I have Reese in my hands. It definitely makes me feel much better know how my puppy is doing with all the videos and pictures.

Reese was actually on pending by the time I saw the pictures. She was actually one I really liked, but didn't have the option to have her. I had picked out another tri-color, but there was an accident where Robin (mother) sat on her. I know... very sad. So Celeste called me right away to tell me the news and offered Reese, who she was going to keep for herself. I thought that was very nice of her to tell me what had happened and gave me options. That is why you see Reese and Ella with Courtney's puppies. Celeste new how to solve the issue from happening again. I'm so fortunate that Courtney became a welcoming loving mother to the girls.

I would and have recommended people I know to Celestial Star Kennel!
I actually have a deposit with Celeste for a new puppy. He was born last week, but it died when the mommy accidentally sat on her. Same thing happened to you Reese? So there is another litter that is supposed to be born this weekend......I hope I am able to get one this time !!!!
Hi Patty! Yes that did happen to us... I felt so bad, but I guess it's pretty common in the doggie world. It was weird because Reese was actually the one I pointed out I wanted first, but saw that she was pending. Everything worked out in the end. Things happen for a reason... Reese truely makes us so happy!
I'm glad it worked out !! I'm sure it will for us too. I am so excited......her next litter was due on the 4th, so I cant wait to hear from her. I just hope it doesn't happen again :-( !

I've heard only good things about Celeste, and actually have been wanting a corgi from her about 5 years now.....we are finally ready !!

Reese is beautiful !!!!
Jack and Emma are from Celeste. It was great to get updates and videos every week. I couldn't ask for better dogs!
Celeste is the BEST! Nutmeg is amazing, and I've never bought a dog sight unseen until her. Celeste provides support and really does answer ALL questions very quickly.
We got our Baxte from Celeste and we are very happy with him! We get compliments on him everywhere we go! We want to add one more Corgi to the household, a little girl, in about a year and Celeste is the first person I will call!

There is something wrong with your webpage.

Can you tell me if there is a video from the Palm Bay picnic somewhere? Yogi passed away yesterday (he was the corgi in wheels) and I really want the video of him in it.

Thank you, Virginia
OH, I am so sorry! I remember sitting in awe of his courage and strength. I thought there was a video and some pictues, but I was never able to find anything online.


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