This has been rattling around in my head for the past few days. I am going to pick up Banzai this Friday and I need to get him used to a collar and a leash. My mom doesn't want him peeing in the house at all. So I'm pretty much going to be given the car ride home to get him used to the idea of it.

How do you get a dog to behave with a collar and leash anyway? Like How do you introduce them to it? Will they always thrash about when you first try to put it on them?

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The day that we picked up Lily we went to PetsMart and got her a harness, collar, and leash. We put them on her immediately and she had no problem with them. She loves the leash and knows when she sees the leash and harness that she is going somewhere. I think that he will get used to the leash and collar rather quickly. Lily had never had a leash or collar on when we got her, so I was expecting her to have some problems, but we were lucky. Hope Banzai does well on them :)
I put the collar on Banzai before, just to see if it fit. But he would roll around and try to get it off while biting it. That is why I worry.
Izzie took a while to get used to her collar. We kept it off the first few days because she was constantly trying to get it off but we increased the time it was on and she's pretty used to it now. After that it wasn't hard for the leash. The first few times when I tried it on her she put up a big fight but whenever I started walking her she magically started to respond to it well and walks pretty well with it now! Hopefully, you'll have more luck than me. :)
Some pups take to the collar and leash quickly. Others take a bit more practice. I will also have to warn you that a pup WILL have accidents in the house. The only way they can learn is to have supervised freedom with frequent outings. Good luck with your new pup.
What if I let him sniff at the collar and treat him before I put it on? Then I can treat him for acting calm with it on later?

Once he is used to his collar could I put the leash on him, and allow him to walk around the house with it, to get him used to the extra weight? That way when he goes to have an accident I can grab the leash and show him outside?
That's one of the methods I used to potty train Timmy. When he was out of the "secure area", he was tethered to me with his leash. That way I could tell when he was wandering away to sniff and find a spot. For the first couple of days though, whenever we had playtime, I let him just drag it around. Using the tether method, over the course of his potty training time (approx 2 months) he only had three accidents, and all were in vicinity of the front door. Once was when I let him out of the crate and stopped for a cup of coffee first!! NOT. Let dog out first!!!, then coffee is the lesson I learned.

I think you're on the right track. Also, try a harness to start. Timmy seemed to respond to the harness much better to start, and it is harder to back out of and easier to control if he gets panicky, (doesn't choke).


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