Candace Kramer
27927 Bethel Church Rd.
Paola, KS 66071-4429
Phone: 913-461-4955

Candy is a wonderful breeder set on breeding for structure, temperment, and health. I highly recommend her to anyone. This is where we got our Pandora.

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This is a wonderful example of a true corgi fancier. Sire and dam of all dogs are shown, titles are shown and health testings are provided for all dogs. One also sees that this breeder strives to breed dogs that possess correct corgi structure and movement. One also sees that dogs are also entered in performance events which shows a dedication to maintain the "total" dog.
When we were looking for a puppy, I was referred to Candy. I was impressed with her knowledge and how she wanted to match us to the right puppy.

Her kennel is also immaculate. It smelled like the cedar chips that are in the puppy pens. We got to meet the sire and dam. She had us play with Pandora as she coached us on good puppy raising. Her puppy packet had so much information. Plus, she is always willing to answer any questions that we have. I will be getting my next Pembroke from her, no questions.


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