I guess Cruise now has a career goal in mind...home remodeling. I got home from work to find out that Cruise is not fond of the cove base molding between the wall and floor. So, he decided it needed to be removed...he pulled about four feet of it off the walls and chewed it into tiny little pieces. To see if he actually ate any of it, my wife and I spent a lot of time trying to reconsturct the pieces like a puzzle to see what was missing...it kinf of looked like an NTSB crash reconstruction. I has sprayed the area with sour apple spray but that did not help. Any ideas on how to get him to find a new career goal?...area is really too small for a pen and with Tiki there too that becomes difficult.

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I really think crating is the solution until Rockit out grows the stage. I purposely crated our corgi when we werent home otherwise I knew he would get really bored and get destructive. Corgis are smart dogs and need mental stimulation and if they dont get it they can get destructive. As they age I believe they outgrow it. I never thought ours would until we accidentally left him uncrated for a couple of hours. Although we did have a majority of the house gated off so he could only get to the downstairs area. When you do decide to give more freedom I would do it a little at a time. First time run a quick errand.....and build up the time until you know the dog will be reliable.
I agree with you Natalie. Crating has been the best thing that I have done but is should be for not very very long periods of time. When you crate your dog you have peace of mind that they will not eat anything that may hurt them. My four year old wanted to eat everything when he was young... we used bitter apple, hot sauce, vinager (smells bad), and kept everything out of his reach.
Now that he is older he is very trust worthy and earns time out of his crate when we are not home. We started with short periods of time (like you) and then gradually increased the amount of time. Best of luck!!
we are gone all day at work so too long to crate...We did have an exercise pen setup but my kitchen is really too small and taking it down and putting it up every day was a real hassle. So, we've confined him to the kitchen and a small area in the basement...we just have to be sure to keep everything out of his reach...which is why i guess the molding just had to go
Georgie wanted to reach out and touch someone. My son brought our new phone book in from the porch and left it on the end table where George can reach and George chewed the whole huge phone book to pieces. I came home from work and it looked like the yellow pages exploded in my living room. My son said that he only left George alone for a few minutes. Maybe George got angry when he couldn't find the number for doggie treat delivery service.
I found this hilarious!! Sorry about your phone book!
Speaking of books...Cruise now seems to have a new hobby...he just loves Sudokhu!...well, not to do do the puzzles, but to eat them. Left a sudokhu puzzle book on the breakfast nook in the kitchen...somehow, when we were not paying attention inthe other room, Cruise jumped onto the breakfast nook bench and managed to get the puzzle book and tear it to pieces...he went right through the easy and medium puzzles but for some reason he stopped at the difficult ones...I guess they were too challenging ;)
Now I don't feel quite so bad about Colleen's love of toilet paper. Or anything else that can be shredded. All three dogs now stay baby gated in our spare bedroom where there isn't anything she can hurt. She only does it when we leave them alone in the house. Even if I'm sitting out in the yard having a garage sale. She was abandoned and was found underweight with a BAD case of demodex, though, so we suspect her problem is related to seperation anxiety.


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