Trunks has an unusual issue. He is the first male dog I've owned, and this just is frustrating. Trunks is a worry wart, and sometimes he has accidents brought on by stress. We try our best not to make him stressed out, but it happens. He is stressed when people visit, etc. It is his personality.

The main problem with the accidents is that he doesn't have them in one spot. He kinda pees as he runs around (usually our living room carpet) and leaves a line of pee behind him. This doesn't happen a lot, but is frustrating none the less. Pandora hasn't had an accident since she was a little puppy, but Trunks has one about every three months. He is the best little dog and has been doing better, so I'm not worried about correcting the stress problem. We are working on that.

So my question is, does anyone else's dog do anything like this?

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First you need to identify the stress. If it is when you have visitors then you can work with him to prepare him. I would put him on lead. Work diligently with your sit/stay command or direct him to have a specific place nearby to go sit. When visitors arrive you put him in the place with a sit/stay. Have the visitors totally ignore him, do not look at, talk to or acknowledge in any way. When everyone has settled then he may be released. Sometimes over excitement causes submissive urination. You can also opt to remove him from the trigger situation such as put him in a crate or confined in to a room until everyone settles. Lastly you may consider a urinalysis. With the infrequency of these accidents it probably is not the issue but worth ruling out if it continues. Dogs sometimes do get urinary tract infections which will make them urinate in places that they normally dont.
Thanks for the information, Sam. My question was more about the peeing while running. We are working on the stress and have made many strides already.
Blaze does this peeing while walking trick too!! He is abt 1.5 yrs old and if we are playing hard and he doesn't want to go outside (or doesn't want to stop playing) - he will do this. It looks like a long curly-que of tinsel that you put on your Christmas tree. A puddle would be way easier to clean up!! Blaze is a worry wart too - he has OCD I think, when he gets nervous, he violently nibbles on his toys. We've had his pee tested - no problem there, so just a weak bladder?? I'm still not sure of the cause either, but know that you are not alone. P.S. Love ur names for ur dogs - I have the BIGGEST crush on Trunks from DBZ!! :)
If it's a stress issue, Sam's absolutely right, and of course, check for a urinary problem first. That said...

Riley used to do the exact same behavior. Literally, he'd do loop de loops in the living room, and not even realize he was doing it. Once, he jumped up on the sofa and peed all over that as well - no comprehension that he was even peeing.

For him, it wasn't a stress behavior or a housebreaking behavior, it was a physical issue - asleep, he'd even wet his bed at night. We ruled out a urinary infection and several other issues before my vet actually put him on Proin. He'd be trotting down the hall and leaving a little trail at times, or from one room to another.

I will say, it's due to him that I own no carpeting and have all laminate floors. Best thing I ever did. ;)

For us at least, it was a night and day difference and we were able to wean him off after about six months and now he doesn't use it at all. Apparently, some small/medium dog breed males have the same issues as spayed girls with bladder control. Nice to get it under control, though.
It is good to know that I'm not alone. I'm sure it's a stress issue. He's been to the vet and no problems physically. The last two times it has been stress related. Unfortunately, we don't get many guests, since we don't know very many people around here. It makes it harder to deal with.

Arlette: I have a crush on Trunks from DBZ too! :) I love purple hair!


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