My boyfriend and I have had Beckett, our 10 week old puppy, for just over a week now. One crazy week, but he makes us both so happy we overlook the nights of no sleeping and nipping at the heels quite easily, LOL.
When we brought Beckett home, the breeder gave us about a weeks worth of food, Solid Gold. So we have been feeding him that food from her until 2 days ago, when we went out to PETCO to purchase another bag of the same food and then started giving him that.
Starting yesterday late afternoon, Beckett has been having a serious case of the Runs the poor little guy. His disposition is great, still jumping around and playing just a constant going to the bathroom, at late last night a bit of blood in it. Were going to make an appointment to bring him asap to the vet, and in the meantime are giving him pedialite to help keep him hydrated.
Has anyone else had this before? Any other tips until we can get him to the vet?
All suggestions are appreciated...thanks for listening!

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My Koby actually had this problem a couple of days ago, he had massive diarrhea with blood. We took him to the vet immediately, but they said he seems fine all his vitals were good, he was playing normal, but not eating alot. The Vet gave him some pills for cramping. He's getting better each day. As long as he's playing and eating, I wouldn't worry too much.

What I think it might have been is he might have ate something sharp by accident, or it could be hook worms. Hope Beckett feels better soon
Vet appointment is early tomorrow morning- but some good news the runs have stopped!!!! We completly took him off of his food and were just on pedialyte and water. Since he had stopped getting sick we then gave him a little white rice last night and back to normal poo!!!
I have to think its the food- but were still taking him to the vet regardless. Can never be too safe with something as little as he is. The breeder also suggested Buffalo Blue food- anyone else have there Corgis on that? I know each dog is different but this Blue Buffalo is quite expensive, Im assuming because it is holistic.
Bear had a bad time when he was just a puppy and the vet had no idea what was wrong with him. A bad case of the runs with blood and lots of vomiting. He just lookded like he wasn't going to make it. The vet even ask if we wanted him to put Bear down. We brought him home and for a week Tammey and I fed him boiled chicken, and rice with a little chicken stock in it and he just bounced back like a little champ. At times he was as limp as a rag and Tammey would mash the rice and chicken up with a fork so he didn't have to chew. He was so sick that he couldn't eat he would just lick at what we put to his lips. About two months latter he did it again. We went back to the vet and he said the same thing "no idea". So, we brought him home and went through the same horrible week again. But the boiled chicken and rice with a little chicken stock seemed to do the trick. Good luck!
Penny had the same issue when she was several weeks old. Our vet told us not to worry too much - corgis are low to the ground and can turn into little vaccuum cleaners when they are walking. She had a worm issue for a week or so and we were afraid it had come back, but all was well. Just have your vet check a stool sample when you go in. Worms can be pretty easy to treat if you catch them early. Otherwise Beckett may have snuck a leaf or something else icky on a walk...
Hey we have had diarrhea problems on and off with both of our girls. For Cagney she got into another dog's food and oh man, it was bad. She even had an accident in the house. I took her to the vet and stool was fine. She has never had really solid stools since we have had her. Seems to be food sensitive. Now the new pup is having a round of the runs. I am guessing she ate something she shouldn't have. The girls are so low to the ground that by the time I realize they picked something up to tell them to drop it they have eaten it.

What we have tried that really seems to help the stool firm up again is a product from Purina called Fortiflora. Comes in little packets that you add to their food (for us that is a combo of rice, boiled chicken and kibble with water to soften the kibble because supposedly that makes it easier on their tummies). Fortiflora is an over the counter probiotic product (kinda like us eating yogurt) that helps the gut/intestines re-establish the good bacteria they need. We get it from our vet for about 19 dollar for a box of 30 packets. You can get it on Amazon dot com too.

Good luck!


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