I thought this could be a fun topic. :)

I'll add my response in a moment. It may take awhile to type it all out, lol.

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Bella, our 9month old corgi, is silly. She is super afraid of any dog smaller than her, yet wants to jump on any dog larger then her.. this makes trips to the pet store entertaining.

She also waits, until i'm doing our laundry for the week, and steals my panties. Not only does she steal them and chew through them, she stashes them under our bed. Like a collection!!

Another quirky habit, if another dog goes to sniff her bottom, she sits right down & won't let them. She'll sniff away at them, but it's like her bottom is "off limits".
LOL!! Lola sits down when other dogs try to sniff her bottom too =) I thought she was the only one who thinks she's a princess haha
How does my borzy embarrass me? hmmm.....

well it embarrasses me when he gets really excited when he sees another dog and he jumps all around trying to play (on leash) and turns around and runs smack into my legs and almost knocks me over! That's quite embarrassing. Other times is when he goes poopoo at the dogpark and walks a mile and a half while doing it and I have to walk around picking up every bit of poopsies that he's dropped. That's rather embarrassing, lol! I wish he wouldn't do that.....
1. My life is all about dog poo. It's come down to this, how sad. I walk around our backyard, head down, looking for chunks....I went to college for this?
2. I wish the corgi kids would stop smelling feet, crotches, butts of strangers. I realize their noses are super strength...but sheesh....people are easily offended!
3. When I make a call, and begin speaking.....Addie howls. If I answer the phone, Addie howls. I keep changing the ringtones to fake her out....it works, like maybe twice.


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