Does your corgi roll around on his back like a chinchilla?

I know hedgehogs, Chinchilla and other small animals do that in the sand to clean themselves, kinda like taking a bath. But why do our dogs do that? What's your take on that?

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THat is her when she was little, her name is Mac and she is 2 1/2. Will be 3 in February. Hard to believe we have only had her three years, feels like forever. She is the greatest. we just added a GSP and they get along great. Stil working out their dominance, but will get it figured out soon.
The Corgi "chinchilla" roll is the best! I remember when I first saw Bonni doing it! I couldnt stop laughing at how funny it is.
My Bonni tends to do it when she's on the carpet. Esp if she's been away (parents' house are tiled)... and when we get back to my place.. she runs in..... dives head first on the ground and roll away on that carpet! She also does it when I get a new rug! When she first did it at the vet's office, Dr. Hart was so amused by her that he called in all his staff to watch her... and all he did was scratch her behind her head, like if her put something on her.. and there she goes. lol However, I am sad to say that Faye hasn't done it yet. In fact, she doesn't like to to be on her back much.
Belle is all the time doing this or just laying on her back 4 paws to the sky. That is the way she sleeps also. She also uses the rug most all the time. Very funny, but she is a funny girl anyway.
my female Izzy does the chinchilla roll alot, i thought it might be that she has dry skin from having mange when she was rescued. i like that they lie w their hind feet streached out , linda called it "frogging".
Oh dear goodness yes!!! It cracks me up! The most hysterical thing is when I'm at work. I take the "kids" out to one of the grass covered islands in the parking lot. It never fails! They poop and then roll all over the grass! Thank goodness they haven't rolled in the poop yet!
My youngest corgi, Cody, does the "chincilla roll", early in the mornings, right after he wakes up. He does it exclusively on the carpet - never on wood, tile or linoleum. I've always assumed that he's scratching his back!
LO rolls in the yard in poop. What a smelly little fella and such a boy.
If it is for scent, or scratching, or any other reasons mentioned, why do they do it in the snow?
Ein loves to roll around on the ground. Especially when there's something dirty or right after his bath. It doesn't take him long to go back to being stinky after his bath.
Caleb likes to roll on the floor...particularly when we're at the office in a meeting and I'd much prefer he be quiet. Most of the time he's quiet and just goes to sleep under my chair...but every once it awhile he decides the meeting would be more entertaining if everyone were watching him instead of the powerpoint, so away he goes!
Wellie loves to Stop, Drop and Roll whenever he's on a lawn. He does it at the dog park too, which is pasture grass. He'll gallop along and then go into a roll and wiggle around on the ground for several seconds. I assumed he was itchy or else it just feels good. His sister ( who is not a corgi) started doing it after she saw him do it, but she's just not into it like he is. It's gotta be a corgi thing because I don't think chow chows would do such an undignified thing!
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