Recently my sister and her boyfriend came from New York to visit. The WHOLE time they were in the house Pa'ani played entertainer and enjoyed every second of the attention. My sisters boyfriend scratched him and played with him constantly. When my sister and her boyfriend left, Pa'ani acted up and peed on my flight bag...on the pocket with my headphones in it!!!ahhh...(expensive mistake!) I was wondering if anyone else's corgi is evil like this? He defintely gets enough attention when Im home, but I just dont understand why he has to be a brat like this sometimes...maybe its a corgi thing??...I think it may be him just acting up?

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Is Pa'ani fixed? Try increasing his exercise, walk him everyday and increase your distance, when he's pooped out from his walk, he will less likely to mark.
Charlie went through a marking thing for a while. I think it was a separation anxiety thing. He would mark a living room chair when I would leave to take our son to school. It wouldn't seem to matter whether he had just been out or not. He finally quit - can't really say why. Seems like he was about 1 to 2 years old. I can't really remember.

Does your dog associate that particular bag with you leaving soon? (just a thought)


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