I was wondering if tearing up paper i.e. toilet paper, loose paper, notebooks, books etc was a common and fun event in a corgi household. I have found out of the three corgi's that I have had only the two female dogs loved to shred paper. Is this a trait in corgi's and especially in females?

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Hehe, Mac used to do that and he's a boy. It would drive me nuts because my last dog, a mixed breed, didn't do that.

I taught Mac a pretty reliable "leave it" command so he's less interested in doing that nowadays. And whenever he follows my command. He gets a very small reward as reinforcement.
Lance loves toilet paper, paper towels and paper. Lance likes eating the toiliet paper/paper towels also! He doesnt do it as much as when he was younger but still occasionally will eat it!
Just today Lance shredded a wedding thank you post card (a picture of the bride and groom holding up Thank You signs/wedding photographer took it) in front of the reception place you from my brother and his wife......Lance was acting the wierd the night before standing on the edge of the couch and half way on our end table...so we told him to get down and he did. Well.......the next day we were busy getting ready for school and we came downstairs and found it shredded into pieces! : ( Well now I know what he wanted, couldnt quite figure it out the night before! What they do when they get bored. He has been getting so much better about it, accept when he is really bored! Well on that note, I better go check on him and make sure he isnt too bored. Today was the first day back to school/work.
My 2 boys are shredders - oh boy, are they shredders!!
Steve's into cardboard and Scott attacks the magazine (especially car magazines) into pieces.
Yep, Junebug went through a time when she was into that...but hasn't for quite a while. One funny thing she took up after I started giving her green dental edibles was that the plastic-y texture turned her on to other plastics, namely the markers we used to label the seeds we planted this spring. Yeah, totally didn't know what kind of peppers and tomatoes I was planting after a few rounds of that!!
Both our corgi puppy and corgi-mix old man are total shredders! They seem to prefer notebook paper or paper towels (I think newspapers taste yucky, and if I remember right from the days my kids were babies, they should not eat newspaper anyway. There is something toxic in the ink).
Out lab mix won't touch paper or shred anything but plushy toys.

One day, I'm sure, one of my kids will truthfully say "the dog ate my homework"!
Caleb rarely goes after the newspaper, but paper towels are irresistible. But this is my own fault, I have peanut butter or almond butter toast most mornings, and the paper towel still smells like his favorite treat after I'm done using it. If they don't smell like peanut or almond butter, I don't think he's interested.
After reading all the comments I'm guessing that it sure is a Corgi trait. My Maximus does this every chance he can get. We call him our "Corg-i-shredder". I usually stop him when I find him doing it because I don't know how much he is eating. I don't think he is eating much if any based on the size of the mess that I find when I walk in.
Zim loves to shred paper, he doesn't eat it, but he loves to "kill" it. More then paper he loves dryer sheets- if he can swipe one out of the laundry he will rip it apart in a million tiny pieces...
Zim is adorable! I have read that dryer sheets are toxic for dogs! I try real hard to keep them away from my two Corgis. Yes, they both love to shred paper. It's gotten so that I keep the little trash containers up on the counters, or they'll have a field day with the Kleenex and paper towels. I also keep my kitchen trash and recyclables tethered to the wall with a pretty, decorated bungee cord, so they can't tip them over. If they get into it, the house looks like a disaster area! Aren't they fun??? Of course!
Thanks Judy- I think he's adorable too. I figured dryer sheets couldn't be too healthy...we try to keep them out of reach. It's amazing how resourceful he is when it comes to getting what he wants. I hate leaving napkins in the car...I come back and I have a napkin avalanche!
I forgot to add that Moose and Dixie love any small thing that's plastic, such as eyeglasses, toothbrushes, razors, pens, etc. Really scary when they get a hold of a razor! Razors have to be kept up high and not thrown into a trash can on the floor. I can't tell you how many of my reading glasses and pens they killed in the beginning! They're 4 years old now, and will still jump at the chance for a tasty pen!


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