i have a tendency to not sleep much and be up all night long. well lately ive been sending chloe in with mark when he goes to bed. she sleeps in our room and has her own little space but usually just hogs my spot. the last few nights though when i put her in the bedroom with mark she started having a fit...whining, crying, barking and scratching at the bedroom door to get out. that is just so not like her. i try to ignore it to show her she cant act like that and expect to get what she wants, but mark of course is trying to go to bed and just lets her out, which doesnt really help at all. once she gets out she runs up and down the hallway for a minute and then climbs into my lap, gives me kisses and then gets down and curls up in marks chair and goes to sleep. as soon as i go to bed she follows me into the bedroom and climbs into bed and goes to sleep, no problem.

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I guess she just really loves you and wants to protect you at all times. My corgi mix is exactly like that.
My corgis stay up until the last person goes to bed whether it is me of MDH. I can tell you though they will not go outside in the morning until I get up. Just their routines and what makes them feel right.
It just means that she wants to be with you :) I wouldn't worry about it too much unless you really don't want her around at night.
its not that i dont want her out with me, she just gets super jumpy at night and barks at every little noise when she is out with me. she can be sound asleep one minute and barking crazy at nothing the next. and at night when its all quite and stuff her sudden barking scares the crap out of me, and just makes me crazy. i love chloe but she is a spaztastic little dog.
i just dont understand her sudden need to be at my side every minute, its not like shes never gone to bed without me before.
How old is she now?
geri does have a point. Age may have a factor in this as well. Just like us, their personalities will change in different ways throughout their lives. Some may be more suttle then others and it also can depend on how your life changes throughout theirs as well.

you may want to read up on how to train shushing when she barks at night or try to keep her distracted while she's up with you with a bone or something.
she is a little over 2 yrs old now.
she listens fairly well when i tell her to stop barking but it doesnt really help cuz it still wakes mark up. its like shes glued to the door just because she can see out of it. i dont know, shes just really protective of me. she never barks when shes outside, day or night, and she rarely barks when shes inside without me.
ive been watching a lot of its me or the dog on amimal planet and trying some new things with her and its gotten a little better.
Mine doesn't want to go to bed until the last person does.
cody doesnt go to bed until the last person goes to sleep. if i am sleeping and the last person finally goes to sleep, he will go to my room and crash on my bed next to me. also when we are sleeping, he will only bark loud to wake us up to take him out to the bathroom. we made one mistake before and ignored his barking, then about 5min later we can hear him taking a potty on the carpet. never ignored him again
lol. luckly chloe is really good about waiting till i'm up before she wants out. 1 am is her last potty time until i get up and she knows it. ive got her on a pretty regular schedule at night but during the day i just take her out whenever she wants out.
It's a guarding thing- she's very loyal and protective. It's a sign of affection. This is a good thing. I know annoying as anything. Chuck likes to follow me everywhere... including to the bathroom. If Chris (the hubby) comes to ask me something he barks at him! LOL.
My corgi is the same (sorta). She is actually my 5 yr old's dog and she WILL NOT have a sleepful night if she cannot get in there to sleep with her. If my daughter isnt here one night we wake up to Lily prowling around the house moping. It is funny and yet alarming how one dog can be so attached to a child!!! When it is bed time I say Sammy, Lily, bed NOW and she follows my daughter to bed and is there all night. If we wake before our daughter and call for Lily to go potty, she doesnt budge out of that bed. But the moment Sammy is up and out, Lily wants to be let out!!! She too doesn't really sleep til we all are in bed. She stays with Sammy but she just lays there. We all know where her loyalty lies and that is TOTALLY ok with us.


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