i have a tendency to not sleep much and be up all night long. well lately ive been sending chloe in with mark when he goes to bed. she sleeps in our room and has her own little space but usually just hogs my spot. the last few nights though when i put her in the bedroom with mark she started having a fit...whining, crying, barking and scratching at the bedroom door to get out. that is just so not like her. i try to ignore it to show her she cant act like that and expect to get what she wants, but mark of course is trying to go to bed and just lets her out, which doesnt really help at all. once she gets out she runs up and down the hallway for a minute and then climbs into my lap, gives me kisses and then gets down and curls up in marks chair and goes to sleep. as soon as i go to bed she follows me into the bedroom and climbs into bed and goes to sleep, no problem.

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Lola doesn't go to bed without me either. And if I am home she usually doesn't sleep until I do. If I take a nap on the couch she jumps up and sleeps with me. If I am watching tv she is asleep next to me. She is also more protective at night when I am the only one home or awake.
She's just your dog. Zed is like that with my wife. If we're in different parts of the house he is always with her. He doesn't come to bed until she does. He could care less what I do.
Awww! Chloe sounds like a love! I wish Theo were so affectionate with me!

Basically, I put Theo to bed. When I get up to go to bed, he follows me. The other night I asked my husband to put him to bed, and he said that after a couple of hours Theo started crying and kind of motioning towards the bedroom. It's the funniest thing because he sleeps in a crate outside the bedroom door, so he could put himself to bed whatever he wants. But of course, he won't. We have to tell him "crate" and close the door for him. Hehe.
aww. chloe used to sleep in her crate but i dont have room for it anymore. so now she sleeps on my bed, usually on marks pillow...shes a pillow jacker. its so funny though, she wont sleep on her bed unless its in her crate. same blankets, same pillow same everything. i dont know, i just got a strange dog i guess. but i guess if she wasnt strange things just wouldnt be as exciting all the time. she is a great source of entertainment.
Roxi is the same way. Her 'grandma' made two beds for her and we have another that I bought before we got her. When one of her beds was in her crate she left it alone but for some reason, now that its in the living room she treats it like a toy and she tears bits off of it every other day.

But the one in our bedroom, she'll lay on while we game.... so maybe she just didn't like the downstairs one ahhahahah.
Chloe will get her sleep. They don't sleep like our schedule. I would not worry unless you see a negative physical or mental thing develop.


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