We adopted a male Beagle 3 days ago...he's 7 weeks old and our Corgi Bella is almost 5 months now. At first our Bella was so excited about him being there...she wouldn't stop playing with him. But today, I noticed she wasn't being herself. She wasn't hyper or excited as she normally is, and she really had a sad look on her face. We've tried our best to let her know that she is still the important and number one dog...we give her attention first, and give her more attention...and we feed her first. Everything we do with them...we try to do for her first. She seemed ok at first, and I guess it will take some time for her to get used to the idea of another dog at home, but my heart just sank when I saw her sad today, I had never seen her that way...and she's my little baby!
She is also getting a bit obsessive over her things when the beagle (Liam) comes close. They cannot eat from the same bowl, even though I trained with Bella by putting my hands in there while she ate. Will she always be this way, or is it just because its still new to her. I just worry that they get violent with each other.

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She may just need time to adjust to the new puppy, she realizes now it is permanent. As far as feeding together, I think that will always be an issue, I would feed them seperately always. Wish I had more advice for you, good luck. I am sure with time everything will work out, will take some training probably.
I only have one dog now, but when I was kid we had two or three dogs at the same time at various times. I think there was always an adjustment period. I think you're doing all the right things, letting her have all the attention and whatnot first, but it still might take time for her to get into the swing of things. I don't know about the letting them eat out of the same bowl thing. I don't think we ever did that with our dogs, cause we had one that was super fat and would try to eat everyone else's food so we were trying to watch her diet. And with Corgi's being such food-driven little buggers, maybe they should just eat from seperate bowls. That's okay, doesn't mean they won't grow to love, love, love one another!
Hang in there. I remember when we got another cat and our old kitty was super excited the first few days and then just miserable for a while after that. I felt terrible too!! But really, you haven't done anything mean or wrong to Ms. Bella and she'll get the hang of things before you know it! Good luck!!
Thanks for you advice :-)
I am feeding them seperately, and that was the plan, I guess I just thought they would be ok sharing anyways. They have become alot better the past few days, and this weekend was great. They're so much fun and we love taking both of them on walks.
I have caught Bella putting her paw on his back and licking his face...it was the cutest thing ever. I think they will be good friends :-)
We have a 10 month old sheltie puppy and Charlie will be 6 in a few weeks. Food sharing is not going to happen with Charlie - thats something that can be dangerous. They have their own bowls about 6 feet apart and Charlie always gets fed first. He used to give me those sad corgi eyes too. It will just about break your heart. I think if we hadn't brought the puppy home Charlie would be lazy, fat and old before his time. He absolutely LOVES Rowdy and they are best friends now. Although I really had some tense moments (usually when food was involved), I think it was the best thing we could have done for Charlie.

Give Bella time and buy the pup a seperate bowl. ( I also make my boys sit before I put their bowls down.) Soon you won't be able to remember what your family was like without the new addition.


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