I just had to get a census if other Corgi owners have to deal with a poopy behind after your little one does a #2. She has her good days & her bad days, but I didn't know if something was wrong with her or if this is sometime that others have to deal with regularly as well...

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There was only one time that Roxi had to get her buns cleaned and that was when her's was runny. Chris just hosed her off after their walk apparently lol.

I believe if you go to a groomer they will do a special cut on your pups behind so it stays a bit cleaner :) I can't remember the funny name for it though.. (don't worry it should look pretty much the same)
"poop shoot"
Ahhhhhhhhhh thats it! ;)
Haha! Seriously??? I should have had them do that for Rhys...he got a dirty bum if his poo was even slightly soft.
our groomer calls it the hygeine cut
We use a trimmer & trim that area (along with the rest of her hind legs... she looks like she has wings back there!!!). I guess we could trim closer, but I'm thinking maybe her #2 is just runny more often than not...?
I haven't had any significant issues with that. Er, I mean my dog hasn't.

Mac has had a diarrhea before when changing foods or if he ate something he wasn't supposed to. I wipe him down with a damp cloth before letting him back in the house. But this isn't often. Generally he digests his food well and doesn't have any issues with going potty.

I would check whether your dog's stool is firm. If it's not and if that's the cause of the problems, perhaps he could do better with a different dog food. I'd make sure your dog is eating high quality food like the ones that received high ratings on dogfoodanalysis.com.

If you decide to have your dog try different brands of dog food, whether you make the switch suddenly or quickly, give it a few weeks for her to get used to the food before concluding whether she agrees with it. There are threads here with more opinions on how to switch foods and what brands people feed their Corgis.
I was going to ask what Michael already did. Sidney has never had "poopy pants" and his stool are firm. He gets Wellness Core Ocean. Good idea to consider your food.
Roxi eats the super5mix :) she loooooves wellness
Charlie used to have poopy britches all the time. He was allergic to the grain in the so called "premium dog food". We switched to a grain free kibble and no more bloody, poopy pants and constant visits to the vets office. I used to have to clean his bottom with baby wipes as soon as he finished his big business. Thankfully, he hasn't had any problems since we made the food switch (about a year ago). Check the ingredient label of her dog food - any type of grain could be the problem.
We give her 'chicken soup for the dog lovers soul'. i thought that stuff would work well!! i'll have to look into switching again... we had her on science diet & that was a disaster! she had a really upset stomach! i will monitor her food & see how she does :)
Out of curiosity, what brand did you switch to?


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