Well some of you may know that Lola has a problem with allergies, but we got her the shot a couple weeks ago and she seemed to be 100% better. When the shot started wearing off her paws got a little itchy again, but nothing compared to when she was biting the fur off and having itching fits. But my problem is she now licks her feet in the morning and I am guessing this gives her an upset stomach because she throws up yellow foam about 5 minutes after she is done licking her paws. Anyone have any experience with this?? Or any advice?? Do you think if I feed her earlier in the morning, her licking her paws wouldn't upset her stomach so much?? Thank for any and all input you have =)

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What are you feeding her? She could be reacting to something in her food. Is she maybe allergic to gluten? Did you try putting her on wheat free kibble?

Also, if she's getting sick after licking her paws, maybe it's environmental. You could try wiping off her pays after she goes outside and see if that makes a difference. Poor puppy. If she's having issues before she can get another shot you could always try giving her some children's benedryl. That worked pretty well for Theo when he got a reaction to a bite.
Thank you, but I highly doubt it is environmental. We only play in the backyard and she always rolls around in some stinky stuff so she is always washed off because she sleeps with me. I don't like a stinky pup under the blankies with me =) haha

I have switched her food from Canidae to Dick Van Patten's Natural Balance L.I.D. Limited Ingredient Diets Sweet Potato & Venison Dry Dog Food. It is wheat free so we will see how this goes. We switched about 3 weeks ago, and I think I heard it takes awhile to fully see the effects of changing foods.

Thanks for your help. Oh and about the benadryl, we tried that and it doesn't seem to affect her. She is still very itchy and is not even one bit sleepy.
Did you give her enough? The vet said about 2 tablespoons of the liquid is about the right dose for a dog Theo's size. Apparently the dosage is higher for dogs that humans.

I had the same issue with Theo. I gave him benedryl and he got a little better, but his face was still all swollen. I took him to the vet and $150 later they told me that had just given him more benedryl (in a shot) and he was fine. Ugh...
I have been giving her the pill form of benadryl. At first my vet told me to only give 1/2 a pill and then told me to increase it to one pill, and only once every 10 hours. He told me to not buy the liquid form because of the alcohol content.

Thanks you for the advice
Poor thing! My corgis Courtney and Trunks have both had allergies so I've lived with this for 20 + years! Courtney never really threw up; Trunks is the one who does that. Trunks used to vomit in the morning. I think for him it was nerves, though he would do it after licking his paws obsessively. Is she in a crate? If not, it may help her to have a place to call her own. Something like a crate or her own bed. Do you have any allergy spray you could put on her feet at night so she isn't compelled to lick in the morning?

What time do you feed her in the morning? Our dogs eat around 6:30 am weekdays and 7:00 - 7:30 am weekends. It may help to feed her earlier than you do now, but I wouldn't feed her to early. What kind of food are you feeding? Sometimes food can make a difference with allergies.

I hope I helped a little. Let me know if I can help more!
Thank you Carmen!! It helps to know I am not alone =) I'm sorry Trunks used to vomit, it is so hard to watch them and see them sick and not be able to help. She isn't in a crate, she just sleeps in bed with me. She had a bed and blanket but never used it and it just collected massive amounts of hair from sitting in the corner. I bought a spray today and I will spray it on right now because we are going to bed.

I work nights so I sleep from like 6am-2pm and usually feed her around 4pm. So I think I am going to try feeding her at 3 and maybe have a little snack before bed so her stomach is not so empty when we wake up.

Thanks so much for your help!! I REALLY appreciate it!
Do you feed her only once a day? Try feeding her twice a day instead. That should help with the vomiting. She may be have an empty stomach and the licking could be inducing her vomiting.
Yeah I feed her only once a day, so tomorrow I will try feeding her the same amount but split up so she can eat twice. Thank you for your advice!! =)
Hey Stephanie, usually yellow foamy vomit is stomach bile which means her stomach is empty. Charlie does the obsessive foot licking too. Try to feed her a little earlier and give her something else to do. Maybe a good round of fetch to make her focus on something besides her feet. I wipe Charlie's feet off after he has come in from outside, especially if the grass is wet. He seems to lick more when he's bored.
Lola licks and bites her paws obsessively, and I play with her and rub her belly anything to get her mind off of it. The second I stop its back to her feet. Hmmm... maybe some good snacks will get her mind off of it =) Thanks for your help!
Thank you Katy =) Today went beautifully, with no throwing up. Fed her in the morning after her potty walk, and then I fed her again about an hour after we went to the park. She seems to like eating twice a lot better, haha. She is not crated so she can pretty much roam around my room when I'm working and so far so good. Thanks to everyone for the awesome advice!!
You are welcome! It is good to hear that she didn't throw up today. I'm not surprised that she is enjoying eating twice a day! She probably thinks she's getting more food. :)


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