So. Maximus has this rather weird habit of whenever he goes either one or two. He tries to walk around so he makes this huge mess (especially since he isnt house broken yet). I tried giving him a short leash so he doesnt go anywhere but he will try and pull and end up making another mess. Any tips on making him stay in one place?

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So is he walking and pooping? Walking and peeing?
lol! It's so funny when they do that, even though it's annoying. Well, the peeing I can't figure out. But the pooping happens when they feel they can't get it out. Most dogs with tails will actually use the tail and tail muscles to push poop. Corgis, at least Pemmies, don't have that option. So they walk and poop. Sometimes Moira does it. The peeing? Haven't got a clue!
I've heard it's not a very good thing when they walk and poop, though I definitely couldn't say for sure. You could always try calling your vet and asking.
My dog has done that her whole life! And then she likes to kick up the dirt after she's pooped which makes a mess. Never knew why she did it, maybe she's doesn't want to get it on her short legs


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