I was wondering if anyone had tips about how to integrate a new (older) male corgi into the household when you have an established male corgi in the house (both are neutered)? JC we received at 19 months, he is now 26 months old. Gilliam is a rescue and his true age is unknown (the rescue group is thinking about 24 months old).

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What we do here when we get a new foster dog is to have an x-pen in a common area in the home. This allows the dogs to become familiar withone another without actually having contact. They get used to the smell, the particular way this new dog moves, the noises they may make, etc. When they seem at ease I do try to walk them together. They are not allowed to stand, sniff or attempt play, we just walk. I do separate an area in the backyard so they can sniff but not have full contact. After several days if the comfort level seems good I allow them out in the backyard together with supervision. Be careful of triggers such as food, favorite toys and things that may cause a high excitement level in either dog. The new arrival is always crated/contained if I am not home or I am sleeping. You then increase the time together until they seem at ease with one another. We have six resident dogs here so the process takes a bit longer. With just two you should feel a good comfort level in about two to three weeks.
Thanks sorry it took me so long, we have been doing lots of walks, chewing, and trying to make sure they get separate time from each other. Thanks for the input!


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