I would say that 8 out of 10 people who come across Ofelia on the sidewalk don't know what the heck she is. Which is fine by me. I sometimes confuse her for a tasmanian devil myself. My nephew's friends think she's either a chihuahua or a dachshund or something in between. They also think she looks like a wolf. Which I think is a stretch. But I do agree when people say she has a german shepherd's face. When they ask, I just say corgi, because saying "Pembroke Welsh Corgi" sounds a little snotty to them. But sometimes I get a funny face when I say corgi.

Anyway, does anybody have similar experiences with your corgis or mixes? Or with any of your dogs if you have others?

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I know what you mean! My daughter and I used to shriek like schoolgirls at a Jonas Brothers concert whenever we saw one, before we got Sidney. And we get similar reactions when we take him out and people who actually know a corgi see him. It's way cool.
People seem to repeat back "corky" what's a "corky" so I actually say the whole name. I am noticing a few more people are recognizing LO than a few years back with Max.
I got my first "Is that a Chihuahua?" question today.. It was from an adorable little girl walking to school though, so I couldn't be too annoyed :)
Ok, so today on our walk I got our first is that a Jack Russell? Too Funny!! I politely said no he is a caridgan welsh corgi, response, oh, I have never heard of corgis, which didnt surprise me but the jack russell guess just cracks me up....they are not even the same size. hehe Yeah, Lance is full grown, not even a puppy. How do you mistake a full grown corgi for a jack russell. Oh well it made me laugh!
most of the guess as to what chloe is have been a beagle mix or a daschand mix. idk, i mean i could kinda understand the daschand mix a little bit more but some peoples guesses are just really out there.
When peoples guesses are off like that it makes me think they just arent up to date on their breeds!
I surprisingly have a lot of people know what Lola is and they usually follow up with "like Queen Elizabeth has?" I think the Queen movie a few years ago has helped :)
Queen Elizabeth needs to get some cardigans, and then have another movie with pembrokes and cardigans, hehe : )
Seriously--she really did help with Corgi PR :)


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