The other night, I gave Camber a very meaty lamb leg bone. I have done this a couple of times, but never this meaty. Also, I’ve never gave her that much time to enjoy the bone. It was so cute watching her figure out how to secure the bone so she could rip off meat. We have a hard kitchen floor. Her toes were between the bone and at one point wanted to relocate to under the kitchen table. She has only about 23 teeth, so it’s not too easy for her to work the bone. She gets scared easily and left the bone twice, but I coaxed her into working it again. She’s only 19 lbs, so I wasn’t too worried about her cracking the bone in half, but I do not like to leave he unattended while working it.

She was quite happy about it. I hope she’ll soon get interested in pig’s ears or raw hides as she doesn’t have any toys and doesn’t know about such treats. Every attempt to get her to chew such things has failed.

She sure loves lamb though!

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sounds tasty! as long as not cooked it should be ok...just watch for splintering with real bones. Tiki and Cruise are powerful chewers so anything i give them i have to keep an eye on them...they do not like chew toys for some reason, but they love rawhide. So they do get that in moderation and awlays supervised as Cruise especially will swallow large pieces of rawhide if i do not watch him and that could cause a blockage. Tiki is very lady like and only chews little pieces at a time. Just watch out ofr pig ears...depending on the ear they sometimes they sometimes are greasy and they break into small pieces which the dog can choke on.
It was cooked to 125 degrees, but that bone was hardly splintering, she made no progress on that. Remember, she has very little side teeth. I would be amazed if she could break it!
I would love to be able to worry about her and eating rawhide, etc... The bone itself is already a feat for her.

She is actually looking forward to her meals (we've had since March) and so perhaps chew toys are next?

We leave her by herself for 8 hours a day, so I wouldn't feel comfortable leaving rawhides and the like unsupervised. I use to think leaving a dog alone that long was cruel, but she has spent her whole life basically alone, so now just 8 hours alone is like having someone around all the time.
Tiki and Cruise are home alone all day 8+ hours. Tiki was alone but then we got cruise last march and they love to play together so they have fun when we are not home. We never leave rawhides unsupervised...they get chew toys and a blanket and they seem to do pretty well..they sleep much of the day anyway.
I have a 16 mo old female. Please check with your vet before giving Pigs ears.. my vet said NO !
She also told me to monitor them with the rawhide..
My female is what I call a 'power chewer' so she only get 'kong' type of toys.. or she will destroy them!
She has ruined our coffee table, but we love her just the same:-)
My vet said no on Pig's Ears and Rawhide, too.
hmmm why no pig ears? Just curious.
I think it's the fat. They wreck havoc with my corgis' digestive/execretion systems.


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