Since Charlie was born in May, I found it very interesting to see how other puppies of same age are doing. It's amazing how much they have in common, and still how different they are. Love to look at their pictures! And also, I am very interested to know how they behave, and how their proud parents work on behavior issues.

I know that Gibson is a little bit younger, and Madog is a little bit older. Who else have their puppies born this spring and summer?

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Cute topic :) I love following along w/the other puppies around here too, you learn a lot!
and it's fun too!
Ah.. Yes it makes me realize that Owen is "normal" he was born May 7, 2008 and will be 5 months tomorrow :).
That's great! Congrats on coming b-day! :)
Sunny was born June 18th. Besides the fact he is trying to eat my whole house one piece of furniture at a time- he is a superb baby.
That's great - we have one more mate! :)
My LO was born 7/21. I am surprised at the little ones born around the same time on the site.


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