My corgi is about a year and a half old, and he's been fine health wise, but recently (about the past week or so) I've noticed that his left ear seems to be bothering him.

It doesn't hurt him at all, he'll let me touch/rub it, but its a bit droopier than his other one, and its floppy when he runs around. He shakes his head alot, like he's trying to get something out of his ear, but I checked to see if there was any discharge (from mites or an infection) and his ear was totally clean. It doesn't smell at all either, and he doesn't seem to be having any trouble hearing out of it.

My mom thinks maybe ear wax (yuck!) or something that got in his ear, but I'm hesitant to take him into the vet. (Last time I took him in for an infected cut they told me he was fine, charged me $70 and sent me on my way.)

Does anyone know what could be the cause/a way to fix him up?

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About 5 yrs ago my Pomeranian kept shaking her head, wouldn't jump up on the couch as much as normal, and tilted her head to the side. We didn't see anything in her ear and thought maybe she had something in her ear or maybe just needed a good cleaning. So we took her to the vet and they found out she had an ear infection. They gave us some strong meds and told us its a good thing we brought her in because if we would have waited she could have lost some of her hearing. Don't wait to see pus, take care of him now before it gets really expensive or damaging. If you are worried about the price, call around to the vets in your area. They should be able to give you an estimate.
My lab does this when he has an ear infection, but he also has a bad smell. I'm really not sure. I called the vet to tell them that I knew exactly what kind of ear infection he had, because he had the exact same smell and brown crud in his ear as last time, but they still wouldn't let me come pick up a prescription without bringing him in for an appointment. I looked around online and read tons of good reviews on amazon for ear drops called zymox. I was hesitant, but figured with a 5 star rating and 100+ reviews, it was worth a shot. Sure enough, it cured Tucker's ear infection. Last week, he started scratching at his ear alot and it was starting to smell again, so I put some of the drops in for a few days - he hasn't been scratching at it anymore. Even if its not an infection, the hydrocortizone would probably be soothing.


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