Miss Victoria is 10 this year - we did some pre-dental bloodwork about a month ago that came with with a low albumin (1.2), elevated serum creatinine and BUN (I think 3.1 and 70). So we did a UA and she has 3+ protein in the urine and her urine protein:creatinine ratio does indicate kidney failure.

Of course she is bright and perky and doesn't let on that she could even be a tiny bit sick.

We started her on Benazepril 5 mg po BID (an ACE Inhibitor to maintain kidney function), Fish Oil (2 caps), 1500 mg of Glucosamine, and started her on the Hill's Prescription K/D diet.

We did more bloodwork this week - 10-14 days after making the above changes - her creatinine and BUN were slightly down, her albumin did go up to 1.3 but her potassium was up to 5.8 (from 5.1) and her phosphate was up to 7.3 (from 6.7). Urine still has 3+ protein.

The vet gave me a name of a phosphate-binder (Epikitin) to use and a new bacterial "enteric dialysis" compound from Europe (Azodyl). I found both on amazon.com. And then she mentioned subcutaneous fluids. I am devastated. I think of subcutaneous fluids like dialysis - an end of the road measure. Maybe the vet who broke the original news (not our usual vet) didn't quite emphasize the brevity of the situation. I'm almost a pharmacist (I graduate in 8 months), it's not like I'm not familiar with kidney disease. But I almost wish she would act sick. I started crying on the phone and made the vet cry too (she's in a similar place with her 10 year old dog).

I'm doing everything right, aren't I? The only thing I haven't done so far is an ultrasound, but as a poor student and her x-rays looked good (kidneys not atrophied, and smooth and round) I've been advised that it's not a necessity.

Ugh. It just makes me want to cry and throw up and cry some more. Tori is the best dog ever - I've been so lucky to have her bunny butt in my life but I'd like to keep her around forever and ever.

On top of that, she HATES needles, she has to be muzzled for shots and blood draws. How would she react to getting stuck every day? My boyfriend has offered to do fluids for me, so that Tori will be angry with him and not me. ugh. barf.

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I'm afraid people will think that I'm anthropomorphizing too much but she really has sooo much personality. Dogs shouldn't be able to convey so much! But she knows what she wants and she knows how to get me to do it.
Thank you for your concern Kristen - Tori's labs are much better and now we can draw blood every 3 months or so. That is good for the poor student checkbook - and like the story in my last post, she now associates the vet with needles (she has to be muzzled), so I'm going to start stopping in there once in awhile with her without an appointment so she can get some cookies and lovin'. I think she needs the positive reinforcement.

But yes, the corgi hair is never ending!
I think stopping by for a friendly visit sounds like a good idea. It is hard not to attach human feelings to them. I do it as well. We bond so closely with these little guys. They say so much with their eyes and body language. I don't think they blame us though...So much unconditional love. Such a gift...even the hair...
Hi Laura,

Very sorry to hear about Miss Victoria. Our cat had the same problem and trust me, you will get use to the fluids treatments...just make sure that you give Miss Victoria a treat like an apple or something she loves at the end so she will associate the treatments as something good. The recipe provided below sounds like a good alternative than Hills formula. My cat hated Hills and refused to eat and lost a lot of weight. Wish you the best.


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