I'm a new dog owner and I've started with a Corgi, so I have a question (something I've been wondering)- how come my Corgi doesn't raise his hind leg when he pees? I've seen other dogs do it, and I thought that's what dogs do when they have to go. However, Ender just lowers his back slightly and goes. Is this a trait common to Corgis, small dogs, anything else? I've always kinda thought the raising the hind leg and going was a "marking" thing and because I got mine from a breeder, that this trait had been weeded out. What's the deal behind this?

By the way, sorry if I'm asking the most basic of questions or anything. Like I said, I'm new at this and this is the first dog I've ever owned or been around for an extended period of time.

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Ha-ha....exercising both legs - to avoid muscle imbalance? :)))))
I noticed something today. When Sidney is outside just "doing his business" he barely lifts one leg, just a little bit. When we were out on a walk and he was scent marking, he lifted it a lot higher. I think he must aim higher when he's leaving a message!
Bam is 14 weeks and lifts his leg about 1 inch its pretty funny....
it took a long time for my corgi Dragster to lift his leg. I figured out the clue. If you let Ender play for a few days with a male dog who does lift his leg, they will teach him. Its crazy but i works! Dragster lifted his the next day after playing with fellow dog friends. :)
Henry didn't lift his leg until a friends dog 'taught' him. He still only lifts it when he's marking and not when he's just gone out to pee. My Rat Terrier (Graygor) lifts his so high he almost falls over (but he has small dog syndrome ;-}).
Max does both,kinda. 3 m0 old and he lifts 1 leg about 1/2 in. and squats.
Rylee is a almost a year and a half and I have yet to see him lift his leg....cant say Im complaining that he doesnt mark...
My Griff only raises his leg it he chooses to mark a tree, otherwise he pees like your Ender by lowering his back a little and raising his tail (he has a full one).

I think it's probably a little harder for Corgis to balance on three legs while peeing - Griff tipped over once while raising his leg and fell on the ground, much to his dismay!!! But I don't think he even figured out how to raise his leg until around a year old or so. He may have learned it from my boyfriend's sister's Pomeranian - Griff's a late bloomer I guess! :)
My 11 month old still doesn't left his leg all the way! But then again, he's a pretty laid back dog! At one point I had 2 males and 1 female Corgi. When I'd let them out of the house to go "potty" they'd all file out to the lawn together. I would crack up when the female would try to lift her leg to be like the boys!!!
Kirby didn't start lifting his leg until he was 6 months or so. Now when we are out walking, he'll lift it really high like he's proud of the height he can attain with it! Sometimes too, he'll get distracted midstream and just walk and pee at the same time...luckily he hasn't gone on himself yet!
I got Kota at 11 weeks and he lifted his leg since the day I got him. Maybe he learned from his dad? I don't know. But I don't mind as long as he doesn't do it in the house.
LO has lifted his leg for ages and really high too. He was 20 weeks on Monday and he was newturd that day also.


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