I'm a new dog owner and I've started with a Corgi, so I have a question (something I've been wondering)- how come my Corgi doesn't raise his hind leg when he pees? I've seen other dogs do it, and I thought that's what dogs do when they have to go. However, Ender just lowers his back slightly and goes. Is this a trait common to Corgis, small dogs, anything else? I've always kinda thought the raising the hind leg and going was a "marking" thing and because I got mine from a breeder, that this trait had been weeded out. What's the deal behind this?

By the way, sorry if I'm asking the most basic of questions or anything. Like I said, I'm new at this and this is the first dog I've ever owned or been around for an extended period of time.

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LOL Winston didn't raise his leg to pee till he was about 5 months old... And when he did it was hilarious. He tipped over a few times onto the tree or onto the ground. I think once they're able to balance their small bodies more, Corgis lift their legs. But sometimes when Winston has to go really bad he just stands there. I would too, haha.
LOL...Winston sounds like my Rhys. He first started lifting his leg around 5 months, right around the time he was neutered. The first time he successfully did it, I could practically see the joy on his face! ROTFLOL! He lifted his leg basically every time after that.

Funniest euphemism for leg-lifting: "giving the back leg salute." Haha!
My corgi Bruce is my first dog and my wife and I got him from a breeder too, and I was also puzzled by the lack of a lifted leg. I just figured it would be hard to lift up a leg being so long, but it seems like it just depends on the dogs from what everyone else has said. Bruce never lifts which I take to mean he never marks anything which seems strange to me for being as territorial as he is inside.
Bugg has been lifting his leg ever since I got him. What's hilarious is he'll lift one leg, begin to pee, and then switch legs midstream!
Boscoe is five and a half years old now and usually he just lowers his back slightly, widens his stance and goes. Only when he's hyper, does he actually sniff out something to mark and lift his leg. Besides, he's been "fixed" for years so he doesn't get the urge to mark as much as an "intact" dog.
Honestly, as long as Ender (by the way, I've read the book too and automatically knew that's where you got the name. Good choice too, I love the originality!) is going outside and not messing up your floors, who cares if he lifts a leg or not! He's a cutie either way!!


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