i always try to get corkie and jaybe to try and catch the Frisbee but they will never catch it in the air does anyo other corgis play i heard the were supposed to be really good at it ?

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Hi Erica, Yes I started playing frisbee with Lance. Start off low and once Jaybee and Corkie get it then advance to a higher level. It will take practice. The timing takes practice. Good Luck....Natalie
how do i get the point across to catch it in their mouth instead of picking it up? it seems like they love to stair at it until it hits the ground. i hope i get them going with it! thanks!
Maybe give them a command like get it......or jump. I found that when I throw it I make sure I have Lances attention before I throw it and then when I do throw it I kind of time it.....hard to explain but the more you try the more you will get it. You could even make sure they get a running start before you throw it and then throw it.
Erica: While I will occasionally throw a canvas "flying squirrel" frisbee, due to the corgis very long back, jumping is not really encouraged in our beloved breed. I keep games for my three corgis on a ground level or perhaps some fetch and throw my frisbee relatively low along the ground. Corgi hugs from Bear, Tasha and Linus...
very very true.thanks.but natalie believe me they have full attention when that frisbe is in my hand haha!


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