My 10wk old corgi, Max is having potty traing issues. He sleeps all night and we take him out first thing in the morning. from bed to the great outdoors. He goes out and does his thing. we're out there for about 15 min afterwards. We come in and in 5-15min he runs down stairs to the door and poops again. We have put paper down there and he ignores it. We put a box with paper in it and he used it once. Any ideas how to break this habit.

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You could get piddle pads that have an attracting odor to them. He may be a dog that needs two trips to do all of his business. Duncan is like that, especially on my work days. He and Chloe go out first thing in the morning, and he will usually urinate first. Insists on coming back in, and then in about 15 minutes, he wants to go out again to usually poo.

In fact, he was a big pooper when he was little. In fact, my husband called him "Sh*****g Sherman." (The Sherman comes from him running over everything like a tank) It was nothing usually for him to go at least 4 times a day.
Thanks for the idea! My husband calls Max POS, Piece of S**t. LOL
Is Max pooping at the same spot? If so, put some vinegar on he spot. Don't let your dog see you cleaning up the mess either, he will think that it is ok to do that. I have heard of other people putting the food dish at the spot where accidents happen. Dogs will mess on the area that they eat.

Ten weeks is still pretty young, he is going to have accidents. Do not scold or punish him unless you catch him in the act, otherwise he will not understand why you are mad. After an accident take him outside for a couple of minutes.


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