Hi everyone, I'm new here and I have an important question. My husband and I have wanted a Corgi for about two years now, but the time has never been right. We are now fencing in our back yard and I'll be finishing school (Finally!) and we think the time has come to get a Corgi.
Now, we have two cats. They are both older than 8 years. We have had one for about 5 years of his life and he has never really been around dogs, to our knowledge. But he's an easy going, big fella (16lbs, big for a cat) and we're not that worried about him. Our other cat is a recent addition, we ended up adopting her from a family with THREE SHIH TSUs! The poor dear was pretty much constantly ganged up on and bullied by the dogs and as they had her FULLY declawed, she was unable to protect herself. As you might imagine, she is a bit skittish!
Do you have a cat with a corgi? How do the the two mix? We love our kitties, but I'm a dog person at heart and would love to add to our little family (we don't have kids, so we have furbabies). What do you all think?

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Well besides having to keep her away from the kitty litter Roxi has always been good around cats. She was born in a house with a couple of em and she seems to get along fine with our neighbors when we visit.
I do know that she also tries to play too much with the parent's cats when we visit them as well.. gottah calm her down and tell her to leave em alone.

Corgis are usually really great with making friends with anything that moves lol. It also depends on the personality of course as well. I don't think you would have a problem.. If you are considering a rescue group, make sure they know you have cats ;)

Zed got his first real taste of sharing space with a cat over Thanksgiving while we were visiting friends and family. He was mostly indifferent to the other dogs and cats that we came across. The cat was by far the most interesting. Zed went nose to nose with a 6 month old kitten sniffing...and then sat down next to myself and my wife on the floor. The kitten was extremely curious, having not been around a dog in 4 months, and came over to sniff Zed more. Zed kept looking at the cat as if to say "We did this already why are you back and sniffing again?" He did great around all the new pets and people thought he was a bit skittish while he was off of his home turf.
Thanks for the your thoughts guys! I've been worried about the litter box thing too, but I've had a dog before (Terrier/Beagle mix) with a kitty and he was not at all interested in the litter box. So maybe I'll get lucky and find a Corgi with a similar attitude!
We have a corgi and two cats that sound a lot like your cats! Our big, mellow cat doesn't mind the corgi at all. Sometimes if Rusty (the corgi) gets too playful, the cat will wander away and ignore him, but he'll be right back as soon as Rusty calms down. Our other cat, the more high-strung one, will still hang out in the same room as Rusty or sleep on the bed with him, but as soon as he gets rowdy, she runs upstairs to get away from him. We set off one of the rooms in our house as a corgi-free zone, where the cats have their food, litter, and their cat tree. If they ever need to get away from him, they just go hang out there. But overall, Rusty is great with the cats. I certainly wouldn't let that deter you from getting a corgi!
I would say it would be a RARE corgi that wouldnt just enjoy a trip to the buffet ala litterbox! I have five resident corgis and two cats. We live in harmony. Wont say that occasionally a small chase doesnt ensure but never have my guys or any of my fosters ever attempt to hurt a cat. I always suggest that folks babygate a room where the cats have their food and litter box. That gives them a safe place at all times until they become comfortable as a group. The advice has not failed me yet. Do remember as well that cat food is fair game to a corgi if they can reach it. Best of luck and hope you find a wonderful corgi pal to add to your family.
We have two Kitties one is a bangle Emma who is 5 years old about 10 LB and the other is a BIG 24 LB Manx Angus who is 3 years old. When we brought our first corgi home JC was all ready 19 months old. It took about maybe a week and a half for me to feel ok with leaving them home alone for short periods of time (this really is too soon) but now that we have added our second corgi and everyone cuddles together it is so cute! But it only took Gilliam about 3 days for the cats to be ok with him (mind you one of our cats hates other people/ pets and will not tolerate being in the same room with them, and Angus loves everyone he meets except for dogs). Good luck!
When I got my corgi. I brought him into a house with 2 dog scared cats. I kept my puppy in my room letting his scent get on towels and my things...then I would put the towels around the house so that the cats would have his scent to smell and be around. Sometimes I'd lock my kitties up and let my corgi patrol around the living room...afterward I'd take him back into my room and let the cats out...after doing it for about a week i let them meet. My cat dink who is a rescue and was attacked by dogs didn't seem to mind him. It may take longer or no time at all. just give your animals some time to get each others scent so it won't be such a shock when they find out that mommy brought home a new baby

Good luck!
We had 4 Cats when we brought Byron home.

He was a puppy at the time - they all worked it out. He gets along with them fine.

He has no access to cellar where their litterbox is so that is not an issue, We did end up also moving the cats food down cellar so Byron would not have access to it.
Thanks Guys! I really appreciate all the feed back. Especially sense I'm still facing a lot of furbaby drama between my two kitties. We have only had our girl kitty, Sneaky, for about 3 weeks so they are still getting adjusted to one another. We are going to wait until I graduate in May (graduation present for me!) to get our puppy so that the kitties can get better adjusted. I'm worried about the litter box and food issue, but I think I'll take the baby gate suggestion and that should solve that issue! You guys Rock! :)
Ein has always been great with other animals. He played with the kitten we found until we got him a new home, he played with the ferret (and didn't understand why the ferret could pounce him but he couldn't pounce the ferret) that the previous owner of our old house left behind. Our chin doesn't like to play, so Ein just watches her. The rats... well, that's another story. Ein loved to play with the rats when he was a puppy. Then Isis decided that she didn't want his nose so close to the cage bars and she nipped him. Now he likes to watch the rats play, but when they get too close to him, he runs away. Me thinks that the big old baby is scared of the itty bitty rats.
I have a (then) two year old OSH cat -Anubis- that I had before I got my Corgis. He was a rescue, and declawed, but he never had a problem getting along with the Corgis as pups, and even now they all play together, chase each other, sleep on the bed together. I reinforced early on with the pups that tormenting the cat was not allowed, and it seems to have worked. If anything, the cat is more likely to tease the dogs. I think it helped that Anubis was already established in the house when I got the dogs. Also, I have gates so the cat can get away from the dogs if he wants to. Very important. Corgis and cats can live happily together! My basenji always saw cats as prey, the Corgis see cat as playmates - any cat, much to the poor kitties surprise. :)
I have 4 cats at the moment, with 2 corgis. My dogs and cats get along well. The 2 oldest cats were here when I got Augie. He , of course, came in the house like he owned it, but I also have a large, 16 lb tabby who held his own. After Charlotte came along, we took a kitten from her breeder. A barn cat whose mother disappered(probaly coyotes), and Charlotte has raised Oliver like he is her own puppy. When he was a kitten, Charlotte would let him lie under her, and play with her tummy. They still play all the time, even though Oliver is bigger than she is. He is the puppy she will never have. I think that you can feel it when you have "pet zen" in your home.


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