I was looking at pictures on the site today and I noticed several pictures pairing Corgis and German Shepherds.
My wife's family has German Shepherds and Zed loves his Shepherd cousins. Is there something about Corgis and Shepherds that just go together? Anyone else out there have a Corgi that enjoys wrestling with their German Shepherd buddies?

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YES OMG!!!!! Daisy my corgi loves Duke my german sheperd!!! They always hang out together exept Daisy loves to annoy him but he dosnt mind at all! They love to play together alot she will always jump at him and chase him but he will run away then jump at her its so cute all have to get it on video! But when Duke is in the living room sleeping Daisy will come up and curl up in his tali and sleep its adorable! Oh heres a picture of them!

Yes. When I had my German Shepherd Maxen and then 3 Cardigans. He was really a great friend for them. They played and he was always gentle and nice with them. Frodo and Maxen were the best of friends as long as Maxen lived since Frodo was my first Cardigan and Maxen took really good care of him as a puppie:)
They look like very happy dogs. I love the picture of puppy Frodo with Maxen, but the swimming picture is very good too. Thank you for sharing.
One of the college security guys had a Sheppy where we both used to work and Roxi would go nuts trying to get her to play.

She would hide behind dad while Roxi would go nuts going "Chase me! Chase meeeee!"

eventually they got along and we learned we had to watch them or they would run off across the field lol

For some reason she could care less about other little dogs but big ones she wants to wrestle with!
I have a german shepard and 3 corgis and they always are playing, wrestling.
My Best friend has a Shepherd girl but she and my girl, even though TOva was a bit older when the shepherd was just new, would play so well together but the shepherd is unaltered and has some "attitude" will always challenge for alpha, if thats what they are doing, she will charge and roll tova adn at first we thought it was a play but it really is not , Tova tries not to let that happen she snarles and snaps at her, so we have some issues. never OUT and OUT fighting although it seems that way but never playing either, The shepherd is now almost two and had to unfortunatly had to be altered. It did change her attitude a bit and i wonder now if they will start to play. Jakai the shepherd is tsill always wanting to be the big dog on campus...
WIth your stories here im keeping the faith!
I hope this helps your Corgi and Shepherd play better. My Zed and both of his shepherd cousins have been altered. I had not considered that being a reason that they all play well together but there may be something to that. Petra had a Shepherd and Cardigans. I don't know if any of her pets were altered at that time. Maybe she can shed some light on that aspect of Corgis and Shepherds playing.

Being altered aside, Zed NEVER challenges to be the alpha dog and that may have something to do with it. He's very laid back. If other dogs have a minor fight over being alpha Zed walks away as if to say "When you two figure out who the new alpha is let me know." It sounds like an individual dog personality issue you're running into though. Hope it gets better!
I have a German Shepherd, as well as, my Corgi and these two have become best friends! They always play and wrestle and stick together. I'm not sure what makes them so close, other than to say that opposites attract! These two have completely opposite personalities and dispositions. My German Shepherd, Reagan, is very quiet, obedient and attentive.....my Corgi, Scout, on the other hand, is rambunctious, free-willed and he has a mind of his own, but the two of them together make the best combination! I also had wondered if anyone else noticed this phenomenon!
I wanted to share Jakai and Tova Photo. I realize, I need more recent ones!!!
I also have a corgi and a GSD. My pembroke welsh is 4 years old, unfixed male. My GSD is 5 years old and is spayed. They get along great and wrestle every day. I think the corgi thinks he is a shepherd!


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