rufus get's sick after eating almost anything. i am careful not to change foods on him, but sometimes i buy him treats from the pet store. he throws it all up. i mean everything-or he gets diarrhea. the only thing that he can chew on are his rawhides. they only make him gassy. i can handle that.

i was just wondering if any one else had a corgi with a sensitive tummy. he can't eat any table scraps or anything! he once ate a couple of potato chips that i had accidentally dropped on the floor and he threw up an hour later! he acts obsessed with food, but it doesn't stay down long.

i've talked to the vet about it and he says its fine as long as he keeps his dog food down-which he does.

anyone else in the same boat as me?

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I haven't had this problem with my corgis, but I have seen it quite a lot at work. Usually, it's a food allergy of some type. What kind of food art you feeding? I'd be curious to know the ingredients. Drop me an email on list and maybe we can come up with some coping skills for this.
She doesn't exactly have food issues but about once a week she'll urp up.. sometimes its more then once a week sometimes almost nothing.. so we've been trying to figure out whats been up with that...

she was sensitive to car rides for a while.. but she's gotten better at that too.. i think she just needed to get older for that.

Answers for her problem have ranged from her just being a puppy to feeding times to different food types.... but we still haven't found the answer to the urping :(
Kiki has urped her dinner many times. We usually give her Hills Light food but have been giving her Nature Select and she hasn't been doing it. Maybe that's it, or she is just stable right now.
Its probably for the best...dogs don't need to eat table scraps anyways. To answer the question though, mine don't have any problem eating anything they can get their little mouths on.
Oh my just a few weeks ago Miles was having the worst go with intestinal problems. We'd wake up to diarrhea everywhere and he could barely hold it as we walked to the dog area of the apartment.
Miles has always had an extremely sensitive tummy and can not eat anything but his dog food, but lately it seemed even that was getting to him. We decided to try a soy-free, gluten-free, wheat-free, corn-free and meat by-products-free dog food and ever since he's been wonderful. He hasn't had an accident since and his stools have been very firm and healthy.
Typically it's not a good idea to feed your dog (and especially puppy) table scraps in the first place. So many things common to humans will just not digest- like onions for instance.

I quickly transitioned from feeding Kiyo thrice a day to only twice. Occasionally she'll skip meals, simply not interested in the food- and the only time she's thrown up was after she snuck away while I was working and ate half a dozen packing peanuts (!!!)

I think the trick for me was just feeding her a premium dog food- using natural treats that coincide with her diet- Not dancing/shaking her up and around for a while after she eats- and just generally not terrorizing her when she's sleeping or obviously trying to be alone and digest. All those things prevent the upset tummy OK for us, but every corgi is different! :P


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